Buenaventura is still in the grips of criminal groups

Despite a government intervention in Buenaventura last year, Colombia's Pacific port city is still wracked by violence as criminal groups continue to kill, extort, and disappear victims, according to a new report by NGO Human Rights Watch.

Ex Bolivia Police Chief Oscar Nina

Authorities in Bolivia have arrested the country's former chief of police, highlighting the widespread corruption that has facilitated Bolivia's emergence as a regional drug trafficking hub.

Zetas leader Z42 was captured on March 4

Although Zetas leader Z42's capture doesn't spell the end for the cartel, Mexico's kingpin strategy has forced the Zetas to move further away from large-scale drug trafficking operations and towards criminal activities that can be carried out by smaller cells. 

Meth smuggled into Australia by Colombian traffickers

A joint operation between security forces in Colombia and Australia has broken up an alleged drug trafficking ring, in the latest sign that Colombian organized crime is seeking to tap into new global markets.

In its most recent report, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) -- responsible for overseeing the implementation of the United Nation’s drug conventions -- finds itself in a bind: the Board remains adamant that these conventions be enforced, yet a wave of drug policy reform across the Americas speaks to increased resistance to the status quo. 

A possible victim of extortionists in Honduras

A chilling phone call highlights some of the techniques that criminals in Honduras use to extort their victims, underscoring the ways in which extortion gangs take advantage of the country's precarious security situation to instill fear. 

The leader of the brutal Mexican drug trafficking organization the Zetas, Alejandro "Omar" Treviño Morales, alias "Z42," was reportedly captured by Mexican federal forces on March 4 in Nuevo Leon state.

Buses are frequent scenes of extortion in Guatemala

Over 400 people died in attacks against Guatemala's public transport sector last year, violence that is typically linked to extortion and organized crime. However, the government's response thus far may not be enough to stem the killings. 

Harvested coca leaves in Peru

Peru has yet to implement a crop substitution program that was slated to begin last year in the country's most prolific coca-growing region known as the VRAEM, a reminder of the challenges facing both traditional and alternative strategies to reducing coca production.

Mexico's supermax prison El Altiplano

Some of Mexico's most notorious crime bosses have signed a petition complaining of human rights abuses in the country's only "supermax" rated federal prison, though whether it will draw a significant response while the government remains rocked by crimes against law abiding citizens remains to be seen.