InSight Crime Goes to the (Narco) Movies

In this three-part series, InSight Crime reviews recent depictions of narcoculture and history in popular films and TV shows.
Netflix 'Narcos': 'Cultural Weight' or Cultural Maquila?
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'Sicario' Presents Dramatized Yet Refreshing Drug Critique
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'Cartel Land' Paints Stunning, Dark Picture of Mexico Vigilantes
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A soccer stadium in Rio de Janeiro

Police in Brazil will begin investigating bribery and price-fixing in relation to construction contracts issued for the 2016 Olympics, an illustration of the broad set of challenges facing security officials during international sporting events. 

Guatemala has increased penalties for migrant smugglers

Guatemala has passed tough new laws against smugglers in a bid to stem the flow of undocumented migrants to the United States. However, the legislation does little to address the underlying causes of migration and may even lead to the development of more sophisticated criminal networks.