Poor 'hood, Mean 'hood: the Violent History of Rivera Hernandez, Honduras

Calaca, an MS13 gang member in San Pedro Sula

In the neighborhood of Rivera Hernandez in San Pedro Sula, the State's absence is felt everywhere. Six gangs fight for control of one of the poorest sectors of Honduras' industrial capital. This is the story of that neighborhood. This is the story of the people who live here, who fall like dominos, one after another, in an endless battle. 

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Special Report: Gangs in Honduras

Alleged gang members in Honduras

In a new report based on extensive field research, InSight Crime and the Asociacion para una Sociedad mas Justa have traced how Honduras' two largest gangs, the MS13 and the Barrio 18, are evolving, and how their current modus operandi has resulted in staggering levels of violence and extortion. 

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10 Reasons Bolivia Is a Potential Haven for Organized Crime

It is important to note that InSight Crime does not believe that Bolivia has been taken over by transnational organized crime (TOC), nor is even close to it. However, the country is vulnerable and the opportunities and potential for earnings from the drug trade are currently too high for international criminal groups to ignore.

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Bolivia: the New Hub for Drug Trafficking in South America

Transnational organized crime likes opportunities and little resistance. Bolivia currently provides both and finds itself at the heart of a new criminal dynamic that threatens national and citizen security in this landlocked Andean nation.

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Inside Bolivia's Most Dangerous Prison: Palmasola

Antonio* laughed as he pointed to the sign above the entrance to Bolivia's most notorious prison. "Rehabilitation centre? This is where you come if you want to find out what makes crime truly organized."

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