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Argentina has struggled with soccer violence for many years

Why Can’t Argentina Control Its ‘Barras Bravas’?

The troubled road that led to one of Latin America's most anticipated soccer finals being moved to Europe exposed, once again, the reach and influence of...

Argentina Arrests Members of International Drug-Trafficking Soccer Hooligan Network

The arrest of several members of an international drug trafficking organization made up of soccer hooligans from Argentina and Colombia adds to the mounting...

Jail Time for LatAm Officials Won’t Kick FIFA Corruption Problem

Authorities in the United States have sentenced two high-level soccer officials to jail time in relation to a widespread corruption scandal involving the world’s...

How the US Took On the Mafia Running International Soccer

The 2018 World Cup is about to end, but the case that unveiled a massive criminal conspiracy involving the international soccer organization FIFA is still...

How Narcos Use World Cup Mania to Smuggle Cocaine

The use of World Cup merchandise to smuggle cocaine around the world points to a longstanding relationship between drug trafficking and soccer, one of the world’s...

Weekly InSight: How Organized Crime Has Tarnished the World Cup

In our June 14 Facebook Live session, Senior Investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa discussed the opening of the 2018 World Cup and the...

Soccer: The Tainted King of Sports Takes the World Stage

The Russia 2018 World Cup has begun. But behind the much awaited games are the stains of corruption and ties to organized crime tarnishing the most popular, and...

Argentina Strike Sheds Light on Union’s ‘Mafia Style’ Operations

An upcoming strike of the largest union conglomerate in Argentina is shedding light on labor groups’ criminal relationships and “mafia style” operations, as a...
Arresto de Noray Nakis, vicepresidente del equipo argentino de fútbol Independiente

Argentina Soccer Crime Case Shows Evolution of Hooligan Groups

A new round of arrests and charges in an unfolding racketeering case in Argentina involving a criminalized soccer fan club, or "barra brava,"...
Former FIFA President Seth Blatter

Latin America Media Giants Implicated in FIFA Corruption Scandal

Testimony in an ongoing trial in a US court has implicated two of Latin America's biggest media companies in the wide-ranging FIFA corruption scandal, highlighting...
Trials in the FIFA corruption scandal have kicked off

US Trial Against LatAm Officials in FIFA Corruption Scandal Kicks Off

A much-anticipated trial involving alleged corruption by Latin American officials tied to the world's most powerful soccer institution kicked off this week in the...
The 'narco-rice' case began in September 2015

Argentina ‘Narco-Rice’ Investigation Turns Towards Soccer

Authorities in Argentina are investigating everything from soccer matches and players' rights to investments in a crematorium as part of the second phase of an...