Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime

Continued Street Drug Sales in Tijuana Puts Users at Risk of Coronavirus

A coronavirus outbreak in the Mexico border city of Tijuana has not stymied street-level heroin and methamphetamine sales, and its large population of drug users is at high risk of contracting,... Read more

Venezuela Relies on Gold as Other Criminal Economies Dry Up

In the wake of Venezuela’s hyperinflation and economic collapse, the country has come to rely on...

The Hunt for 'Wilexis' - Manufactured Mayhem in Petare, Venezuela

A complex game of cat-and-mouse has unfolded over the last two weeks in one of Caracas’s most...

US Indictment Claims Venezuelan Politician Linked to Hezbollah, Hamas

US authorities have indicted a former Venezuelan congressman for serving as a go-between for...

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