Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime

Chile’s Copper Robbing Epidemic Likely Fueled by China Demand

The seizure of tons of stolen copper near Santiago, Chile, set to be sent illegally to China, has revealed that increasingly daring robberies may be fueled by the Asian powerhouse's thirst for the... Read more

A Death Foretold: MACCIH Shuts Down in Honduras

The announcement that a regional anti-corruption commission in Honduras will not continue marks the...

GameChangers 2019: Latin America’s Top 10 Criminal Groups

Colombia’s last rebel army is now the most powerful criminal syndicate in Latin America, as it...

Was 'Señor T' One of Colombia’s Invisible Drug Traffickers?

Authorities have accused Luis Del Río Jiménez, alias “el Tío,” or “Señor T,” of being...

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