Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime

Homicides Down, Disappearances Up: El Salvador’s Conflicting Numbers

Homicide rates in El Salvador are set to be at their lowest in years, yet the numbers of disappearances have increased dramatically in the same time, suggesting that the Salvadoran government does... Read more

Impact of Puntilla Death Likely Limited in Colombia Underworld

The killing of Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias "Puntilla", leader of the criminal band Los...

Tenoch Huerta on Playing Nuanced Caro Quintero in 'Narcos Mexico'

In the fourth season of Netflix’s Narcos, actor Tenoch Huerta’s portrayal of Mexico drug...

More Venezuela Drug Plane Seizures Signal Trafficking Increase

Venezuela authorities are touting their seizure of 28 alleged drug planes as a triumph in the fight...

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