Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime
A year after the signing of the FARC peace agreement, the Colombian government's efforts to end the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia’s Peace Agreement With the FARC Survives First Year

La caída en los homicidios ha sido influenciada por varios factores
In our November 16 Facebook Live session, InSight Crime co-director Steven Dudley sat down with... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Weekly InSight: Why Homicides Are Down in Honduras

Honduras' police reform efforts have made progress, but could be undone
An upcoming election in Honduras has called into question the future of a reform commission that... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Could Upcoming Honduras Election Set Back Police Reform Progress?

Are Mexican cartels present in Ecuador?
Law enforcement officials in Ecuador rejected a recent report indicating that Mexican cartels have... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Ecuador Officials Reject Report Saying Mexico Cartels Operate There

Former FIFA President Seth Blatter
Testimony in an ongoing trial in a US court has implicated two of Latin America's biggest media... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Latin America Media Giants Implicated in FIFA Corruption Scandal

Reforming Honduras' National Police has helped reduce homicides
Due to a combination of factors, Honduras is on track to close out 2017 with a significantly lower... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

7 Keys to Understanding Honduras’ Declining Homicide Rate

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