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Ex-FARC Mafia Boss Had Cocaine Network, Mexico Ties

The recent arrest of an ex-FARC criminal boss who controlled swathes of drug trafficking territory points to a key scenario in Colombia’s new criminal era: former members of the guerrilla army... Read more

UN Points to Abuses, Cover Up in Mexico's Ayotzinapa Investigation...

A United Nation’s body has accused Mexico's government of fabricating evidence and using torture...

Weekly InSight: Colombia's 'Invisibles' - the New Generation of Drug T...

InSight Crime's co-director Jeremy McDermott and Senior Investigator Deborah Bonello dug into our...

A Month In, Brazil Military Deployment in Rio Shows Potential and Risk...

It’s been a month since Brazil’s President Michel Temer signed a decree authorizing the...

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Drug trafficking has long embedded itself in Colombia’s civil conflict, hiding amongst, and subverting, the warring factions. Now as the civil conflict draws down, with just the ELN still in the... Read more
The Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) is one of the world’s largest and arguably most violent street gangs. After relatively humble beginnings in Los Angeles in the 1980s, it has spread to more than a... Read more
Dany Balmore Romero García was sitting in class at a vocational college in El Salvador when he got a message from a friend. On the news, they were saying the US Treasury Department had included him... Read more
On December 13, 2015, MS13 gang leader Edwin Mancía Flores, alias “Shugar,” made a phone call from a prison in El Salvador. On the other end of the line was José Martínez Castro, alias... Read more
There is a telling section in the indictment of alleged MS13 members filed by El Salvador's Attorney General’s Office as part of Operation Jaque. It comes on page 223 of the 1,355-page accusation... Read more

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