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Honduras Top Cop Killed for Cachiros: US Prosecutor

Revelations from a US judicial case linked to the Cachiros saga shed light on the key support that colluding security forces provided to the once-powerful Honduran...

Mexico’s Proposed Institutional Reforms Unlikely to Yield Change in Security

Mexico’s President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has used his transition period before taking office in December to launch a series of proposals to reform...

Suspension of Entire Local Police Force Shows Depth of Mexico Corruption

Authorities disarmed and relieved of their duties an entire municipal police force in central Mexico amid suspicions of corruption and ties to organized crime,...

3 Reasons Why Argentina Has Failed to Bring Down Violence in Rosario

A spike in homicide rates in Rosario, Argentina, and an attack on the home of a judge who sentenced top leaders from a powerful gang has undermined the country’s...

Unregulated Private Security Firms Fuel LatAm Crime, Violence: Report

A new report says that a lack of regulation of private security companies in Latin America is having negative impacts on security and at times facilitates criminal...

Brazil Officials Propose Expanding Military Role in ‘War’ on Crime

Several top officials in Brazil have floated the idea of expanding the use of federal military operations to combat crime throughout the country, suggesting the...

After Scandal, El Salvador Police Trade One Elite Unit for Another

Two months after a scandal over the abduction of a police officer by members of her own elite unit, El Salvador's national police announced the unit’s replacement...

Accusations Land Honduras Police Reform Commission in Hot Water

A commission in charge of cleaning up Honduras’ police is fighting to clear its name after an explosive report by the AP revealed the alleged relationship between...

Corruption and Impunity Allegations Seed Doubts for Second Term of Honduras President

New corruption and impunity allegations emerging on the eve of the inauguration of Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández have cast doubt over his supposed...

Refusal to Respond to Calls Highlights Demise of Rio’s UPP Program

Rio De Janeiro’s Police Pacification Units (UPPs), already suffering from crippling budget cuts and broken public confidence, are refusing to respond to calls...
Honduras' police reform efforts have made progress, but could be undone

Could Upcoming Honduras Election Set Back Police Reform Progress?

An upcoming election in Honduras has called into question the future of a reform commission that has taken important steps toward cleaning up the country's police...
Ecuador's police force is one of the region's most trusted

Police Corruption Scandals Hit Well-Regarded Forces in Ecuador, Chile

In Ecuador and Chile, two of Latin America's most trusted police institutions have been hit by recent corruption scandals, a reminder that even the most...