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Mexico State Oil Company Says Fuel Theft Reached All-Time High in 2017

Mexico’s state oil company says it experienced record levels of fuel theft in 2017, but the underlying drivers of this issue are unlikely to be addressed in the...
Pemex engineers repairing a pipeline in Mexico

Should Mexico Follow Colombia’s Example in Combating Fuel Theft?

Colombia's finance minister said Mexico should look to the South American country as an example to follow in the fight against fuel theft, but the statement raises...
Fuel theft in Mexico is a $1 billion business

Layers of Corruption Facilitate Fuel Theft in Mexico

From corrupt oil workers to public officials to possibly even private companies, fuel theft from the Mexico's state-owned oil company Pemex has a lot of...
An explosion caused by the illegal tapping of a pipeline in Mexico

Execution Highlights Mexico’s Inability to Combat Rampant Fuel Theft

Videos that appears to show a soldier executing a presumed oil thief at point blank range in Mexico draws attention to the inability of the government to come up...
Petrobas reported 73 attempted oil thefts in 2016, up from 14 in 2015.

Brazil Crime Groups Expanding Oil Theft Operations

Prosecutors say a dismantled criminal network operating near Rio de Janeiro stole 14 million liters (3.5 million gallons) of fuel in 2016, suggesting that Brazilian...
Soldiers patrol a CFE power plant in the state of Michoacán

Extortion of Mexico Electric Company Spotlights State Weaknesses

Organized crime groups are extorting Mexico's federal electricity company, highlighting the ways in which criminal organizations are exploiting the state's weakness...
500 security elements were deployed in Puebla, Mexico

Corruption, Oil Theft an Explosive Cocktail for Mexico State

Mexican authorities arrested local officials who they accused of aiding a criminal group's assassination of state investigators in the "Red Triangle," an area of...
A clandestine tap used to siphon oil from a pipeline

Mexico State Oil Company Lost $1.5 Billion to Theft in 2016

A recent report suggests Mexico's state oil company lost at least $1.5 billion to fuel theft last year, a figure that underscores the massive and growing scale of...
Pemex workers inspect an illegal pipeline tap

Mexico State Oil Workers Involved in Fuel Theft: Police

As Mexico is rocked by protests against a hike in fuel prices, authorities have highlighted the collusion and corruption facilitating the fuel theft that costs the...
Mexican flag flies over Pemex building

Pemex Lost Millions in Lawsuits Alleging US Firms Bought Stolen Fuel

Mexico's state-run oil company Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) lost $300 million in three lawsuits against US companies after accusing them of involvement in buying...
Pemex employees repairing an oil pipeline

Oil Theft Spikes in Mexico, While Impunity Remains Widespread

Barely one out of every ten cases of reported oil theft in Mexico is presented before a judge, a striking figure that illustrates the role pervasive impunity has...
Pemex officials estimate oil theft has continued to increase

Mexico Fuel Theft Remains Lucrative Despite Oil Price Drop

The cost of oil theft for Mexico's state-owned oil company Pemex continues to increase year on year, suggesting rock-bottom prices have done little to deter oil...