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10 Years of the Mérida Initiative: Violence and Corruption

The Mérida Initiative celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Yet since it began providing funding for security in Mexico, problems to do with violence and...
The US has provided Mexico $2.3 billion in aid since 2008 under the Merida Initiative

US Withholds Aid to Mexico Over Human Rights Concerns

Citing a failure to meet human rights goals, the United States government has withheld $5 million in anti-narcotics funding for Mexico, dealing a sharp symbolic...
Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez called for US aid

Presidents Call for US to Invest in CentAm Version of ‘Plan Colombia’

The presidents of Guatemala and Honduras have used the Central American child migrant crisis to call for regional security investment from the United States along...
Illegal landing strips are built in remote parts of Mexico

Mexico Destroys 92 Illegal Landing Strips So Far in 2013

Almost a hundred illegal landing strips have been destroyed in Mexico so far this year, a continuation of the significant downward trend over the last six...

8 Recommendations for Congress on the Merida Initiative

InSight Crime Co-Director Steven Dudley was invited to testify before US Congress on May 23, in order to provide an overview of US-Mexico security cooperation, with...

Dear President Obama, Re: Your Trip to Mexico…

Dear President Obama: as you surely remember, your last visit to Mexico City, around April 2009, found us at a pretty bad...
US Secretary of State John Kerry

US State Dept 2014 Budget Cuts Aid to Colombia, Mexico

The US State Department budget proposal for 2014 has reduced aid for Colombia and Mexico while increasing funds for Central America, reflecting changes in regional...

US Report Lists Concerns over Peña Nieto Crime Policy

A US Congress report notes potential conflicts with the new Mexican government over how to tackle organized crime, highlighting President Enrique Peña Nieto's plan...
The Mexican Army will receive counter-terrorism training

US to Train Mexican Security Forces in Counter-Terrorism

The United States will set up a new special operations headquarters to train Mexican security forces in counter-terrorism techniques, an offshoot of the military...
New Mexico Ambassador to the US Eduardo Medina Mora

Security Tops Agenda for Mexico’s New US Ambassador

The incoming Mexican ambassador to Washington called for renewed debate on drug prohibition and on gun control within the United States, and said there would...
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in Lima

US Calls on LatAm to Limit Crime-Fighting Role of Militaries

The US defense secretary has cautioned Latin American countries against relying on their militaries for law enforcement, which could point to a changing focus in US...

US Senate Report Urges Police, Judicial Reform in Mexico Over Military Use

A new report from the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has called for a decrease in the Mexican military's role in fighting organized crime, citing alleged...