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Colombia Failing to Protect Venezuela Children from Sexual Exploitation

A ring that sexually exploited minors from Venezuela has been dismantled in Colombia, but this only further highlights the vulnerability of migrants in the country...

Colombia’s Bogotá-Medellín Highway Rife With Child Sex Exploitation

The highway between Bogotá and Medellín is one of Colombia's worst sites for child sex trafficking and exploitation, as criminal groups abuse underage,...

Peru’s Illegal Mining Hotspot Has Other Crimes to Worry About

Peruvian authorities dismantled a human trafficking network operating in the region of Madre de Dios, a territory known for illegal mining activity....

Prostitution Ring Highlights Vulnerability of Colombia Indigenous Communities

Colombia’s authorities have broken up a prostitution ring exploiting indigenous minors in the Amazonas department, the second human trafficking ring arrested this...

Suspicious Venezuela Shipwreck Reveals Drug Route to Dutch Caribbean

The sinking of a small boat heading from Venezuela to Curaçao and the disappearance of all the migrants aboard suggest that drug trafficking groups are also...

Chile Facing Human Trafficking Influx from China

Chilean officials conspired to bring hundreds of Chinese migrants into the country illegally, leaving the country to face its largest-ever human trafficking ring...

How Venezuela Shipwrecks Revealed Sex Trafficking Ring

The sinking of two boats sailing from Venezuela to Trinidad and Tobago has unveiled a criminal ring implicating high-level law enforcement officials in the...

Op-Ed: Venezuela, The Ongoing Hurricane in the Caribbean

While Colombia bears the brunt of the Venezuelan exodus in terms of sheer numbers, several islands of the Caribbean, like Trinidad and Tobago, are being battered by...

Peru Running Out of Ideas to Stop Illegal Mining in Madre de Dios

Authorities in Peru have launched a largescale operation aimed at driving out illegal gold mining and other illicit activities in the Madre de Dios region, but...

Human Trafficking Conviction Rates on the Rise in Latin America

Although human trafficking continues to surge on the continent, improved legislation and the investment in social platforms are leading to higher human trafficking...

GameChangers 2018: 5 Reasons LatAm Organized Crime Will Strengthen in 2019

It is hard to be optimistic for 2019. The current trends all point to a strengthening of organized crime throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, as the...

GameChangers 2018: Venezuelan Migration a New Gold Mine for Organized Crime

Turbulence reigned in 2018, but there was one constant: the flow of Venezuelans fleeing their country. The unceasing migration has left thousands of people...