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Pro-Government Guerrillas Mix Political, Criminal Interests in Venezuela

Pro-government guerrillas in Venezuela have begun training civilians in armed combat, showing the symbiotic relationship between embattled President...

Tensions in Venezuela as Collectives Bury Members Killed by Police

Members of a "collective" killed by police were buried in a public funeral in Caracas, amid concerns that these armed civilian groups -- many originally...
Henry Rangel Silva while he was serving as a top general

Venezuela: Where the Traffickers Wear Military Uniforms

In Venezuela the drug traffickers wear camouflage. On the Colombian border, Colombian and Venezuelan guerrillas and the army fight for control of the drug trade....
Una guerrillera del FBL


The Patriotic Forces of National Liberation (FPLN) is a guerrilla group based in western Venezuela, along the border with Colombia. It is also commonly known by its...

In a Post-Chavez Venezuela, Militant Armed Groups Would Pose Major Threat

If the Venezuelan opposition wins October's elections, pro-government armed groups could become a major threat to stability in the country, potentially evolving...