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Paraguay’s EPP Seemingly Transformed Under New Leadership

Over a week out from the kidnapping of Paraguay’s former vice president by the EPP guerrilla, it seems clear that this old enemy of the state has returned, albeit...

Serious Doubts Surround Alleged EPP Attack in Paraguay

Paraguay’s Attorney General’s Office has attributed the recent murder of a farmhand to the country’s main guerrilla group, the Paraguayan People’s Army, but...

Is Paraguay’s EPP Expanding Role in Marijuana Trade?

Paraguay’s main guerrilla group has displaced hundreds of Mennonite families from an area not far from strategic drug trafficking routes, raising questions about...
Members of Paraguay’s Joint Task Force during an operation

Military Commander’s Firing Highlights Failures in Combating Paraguay Rebels

Paraguay's task force targeting the EPP guerrilla group has been assigned its seventh commander in less than four years, a sign of the country's failure to defeat...
Franz Wiebe has been kept hostage by the EPP since July 2016

Paraguay Rebel Group Extorts Landowners to Build Local Support

Paraguay's main guerrilla group has demanded that the family of a hostage provide aid to impoverished communities in exchange for the prisoner's release,...
Paraguay's EPP rebels

Paraguay’s EPP Rebels Heading From Rural Areas to Cities?

A security analyst in Paraguay says a small but active guerrilla group is seeking to begin a new chapter in its history by leaving rural areas and heading for the...
EPP guerrillas in Paraguay

Suspected Guerrilla Ambush Leaves 8 Paraguay Soldiers Dead

Authorities believe that a rebel group was behind the recent killing of eight soldiers in northern Paraguay in a deadly ambush that reveals the enduring security...
Alfredo Jara Larrea

Paraguay Strikes Blow Against Guerrilla Group

Paraguayan security forces have killed several key leaders of guerrilla group the ACA, raising the question of why authorities have not been able to deliver a...
Paraguayan security forces

Paraguay Homicides Drop, But Border Remains Violent

New homicide figures from the first six months of the year show that the national murder rate in Paraguay has dropped, but homicide figures remain high along the...
ACA and EPP clothes found together in Paraguay

Paraguay Guerrilla Splinter Group Brought Back Into Fold?

New evidence has emerged suggesting ACA guerrilla rebels in Paraguay have reunited with their cousins in the EPP, likely marking the end of a tiny guerrilla...
Former FTC spokesperson Alfredo Jonas Ramirez Acosta

Paraguay Security Forces in Disarray Amid Guerrilla Attacks

There are increasing signs that Paraguay's security forces are in upheaval, enabling a small guerrilla group to carry out high-profile kidnappings and attacks on...
Graffiti showing supporting for the EPP

Rise of Illegal Armed Groups Adds to Paraguay’s Security Troubles

Recent reports of attacks and threats by two non-state militias have shaken Paraguay, where authorities are already struggling to contain the EPP, a small but...