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Marielle Franco Insights Show Grim Banality of Brazil Violence

New information about the murder of a Rio de Janeiro city councilor may finally bring her killers to justice, but this provides little cause for long-term...

Brazil Police, Politician Tied to High-Profile Rio Activist’s Murder

New witness testimony suggests the high-profile assassination of a city councilwoman and her driver in Brazil was a coordinated plot among military police, militia...

Spate of Murders in Brazil Shines Spotlight on Militia Phenomenon

A recent string of militia-linked murders in Brazil is sparking increased public discussion about the widespread presence and power of these criminal groups,...
Brazilian security forces patrolling in Rio ahead of elections

Criminal Violence Overshadows Brazil Municipal Elections

A wave of violence linked to criminal organizations has overshadowed Brazil's October 2 municipal elections, highlighting the extent of the political power attained...
Gilmar Mendes, president of Brazil's Superior Electoral Tribunal

Political Killings in Rio Raise Fears of Crime Infested Elections

The head of Brazil's federal election commission has warned that criminal groups are attempting to influence local politics in the country's second largest city...

Rio de Janeiro Militias Muscle in on Brazil Elections

Not only have Rio de Janeiro’s violent militia groups dramatically expanded -- growing from just six communities in 2004 to 148 today -- they have also made their...
Brazilian police carrying out an operation

‘Brazil Militias Developing Ties with Drug Gangs’

According to authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the city's illicit miltias have become cozier with the local drug gangs they were originally set up to combat,...
A family flees gang-security force clashes in Rio

Internal Displacement in Brazil: An Inconvenient Truth?

As Brazil works to project the image of a nation that is effectively addressing security challenges in its major cities, one important indicator -- internal...
One of the Justice League suspects

Powerful Rio Militia Targeted by Brazil Police

Authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have arrested 21 members of a militia that includes members of the security forces and is run by jailed leaders, another...
Patricia Acioli's car following her murder

Brazil Sentences 3 Military Police for Judge’s Murder

A Brazilian judge gave three military police officers prison sentences of more than 20 years for the 2011 assassination of Rio de Janeiro Judge Patricia Acioli, who...
Civil police in Sao Paulo

Brazil Allows Police to Buy High Caliber Guns

The Brazilian military will now allow police and firefighters to buy powerful .45 caliber guns for personal use, raising fears over how the weapons will be used and...
Police in a Rio de Janeiro barrio

Rio de Janeiro Militia Made $3 Million Per Year

A Rio de Janeiro militia currently under investigation is said to have raised an average of $3 million per year through extortion and other illicit activities, an...