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Mexico's state of Chihuahua is confronting a resurgence of violent crime

Rising Violence in Chihuahua, Mexico Points to Homegrown Disputes

The border state of Chihuahua, Mexico is confronting a resurgence of violent crime, but the fight seems more about local revenue streams than international...
"Motel Alfer," scene of the recent attack in Chihuahua, Mexico

Rising Violence in Juárez, Mexico May Signal Return of Cartel War

Violence in Ciudad Juárez is on the rise. This year is on track to be the deadliest since 2012, signaling the possible renewal of warfare between the region's...
Mexico's most wanted

Mexico Pursues Top Drug Lords Amid Fragmented Criminal Landscape

Authorities in Mexico continue to focus on hunting down the heads of the country's most prominent cartels, pursuing a kingpin strategy that will probably do little...
Rafael Caro Quintero in recent interview. by Miguel Dimayuga/Proceso

Is the Godfather of Mexico’s Drug Trade Back in Business?

The founder of Mexico's notorious and now defunct Guadalajara Cartel, Rafael Caro Quintero, has been linked to two recent events that have raised alarm among...
Soccer players moved by alleged drug traffickers

Juarez Cartel Operator a Player in International Soccer Deals

A convicted financial operator of Mexico's Juárez Cartel is also the legal representative of a firm involved in the buying and selling of European soccer...
Juarez Cartel operator Rodolfo David Dávila Córdova (top left)

How Mexico Awarded $30 Million to Juárez Cartel Operator

A former executive of the Bank of Mexico received government contracts worth over $30 million despite his conviction years earlier of being a financial...
Created by the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas were the first armed wingl

Serving Mexico’s Cartels, Armed Cells Led to an Explosion of Violence

Beginning in the 1990s, Mexico's cartels began recruiting hired gunmen to act as armed cells. Since then, violence against civilians with no links to organized...

Rural Chihuahua, Mexico Still Cartel Battleground

Mexico's Chihuahua state registered its lowest monthly homicide numbers since 2007, but per capita violence levels in rural areas of the state are alarmingly high...
Barrio Azteca Gang Members

Barrio Azteca on the Slide, MS13 on the Rise in Texas: Report

The latest report on Texas gangs has downgraded the threat posed by Barrio Azteca while upgrading the MS13, reflecting how US gangs often respond to Latin American...