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Mexico's most wanted

Mexico Pursues Top Drug Lords Amid Fragmented Criminal Landscape

Authorities in Mexico continue to focus on hunting down the heads of the country's most prominent cartels, pursuing a kingpin strategy that will probably do little...
Banner hung by the 'Nueva Familia'

‘Nueva Familia’ Announces Arrival amid Michoacán Turmoil

"Narco-banners" hung around Michoacán have announced the arrival of a new criminal organization in a sign the underworld in the troubled central Mexican state is...
Recently released vigilante leader Hipolito Mora

The New Criminal Players in Mexico’s Embattled Michoacan State

It would be easy to think that given all that has happened in Mexico's Michoacan state over the last few months, everything has changed. Knights Templar leader...

Mexico Captures ‘La Tuta’ but Michoacan Struggles On

The capture of yet another high-level target -- this time Servando Gomez, alias "La Tuta," the leader of the Knights Templar -- should be cause for celebration in...
The Iguala ex-mayor and his wife, both accused of narco ties

Mexico Mayors’ Narco Ties Go Far Beyond Iguala

Government information indicates that 12 mayors across Guerrero, Mexico may have criminal ties -- suggesting that a dynamic pushed into the public eye by the case...
A burned Coca-Cola truck

Coca-Cola Arson in Mexico Demonstrates Confidence of Criminals

The Familia Michoacana burned four Coca-Cola vehicles in the Pacific state of Guerrero after their bottling company refused to make extortion payments, according to...
A crime scene in Mexico State

Mexico State Leads Country in Homicides as Govt Launches Intervention

Rising homicides, a high-level capture and a bloody military battle point to growing insecurity in Mexico State, which borders the capital, months after the federal...
Familia leader  Jose de Jesus Mendez, alias "El Chango"

Arrests Show Familia Michoacana Still Active in Southwest Mexico

Recent arrests of alleged kidnappers in Guerrero and arms traffickers in the State of Mexico both lead back to the Familia Michoacana, suggesting the once powerful...
Michoacan is the world's biggest avocado producer

Massive Avocado Farm Extortion Highlights Mexico Vigilantes’ Cause

The Knights Templar and La Familia Michoacana took nearly 13 percent of profits from Mexico's national avocado production over the course of five years,...