The Lorenzanas are a traditional contraband family, who, over time, became enmeshed in the lucrative drug trade.


The Lorenzanas are one of Guatemala's most long running drug trafficking groups, who have a relationship with Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel that stretches back at least two decades. Their reach once extended from Guatemala's poorest communities, whose support was bought with largesse, to the upper echelons of the country's political elite. However, in recent years they have become debilitated and their influence has declined. 

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Lorenzana family

Waldemar Lorenzana

Criminal Activities
Drug trafficking


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Homicide Rate

Criminal Activities

Drug transit, human trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, prostitution rings

Principal criminal groups

MS13, Barrio 18, CIACS, Lorenzanas, Mendozas, Leones


Waldemar Lorenzana was arrested in December 2008 for alleged weapons possession but was soon released for reasons that illustrated their reach into the government justice system. In April 2010, the U.S. Treasury froze the assets of Waldemar and his three sons, citing connections with the Sinaloa cartel. Then, after a change of government in 2011, their empire came crashing down and Lorenzana and his sons, Eliu and Waldemar, were all arrested. After a lengthy legal process, Lorenzana was extradited to the United States in March 2014, where he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import cocaine in August that same year.


The Lorenzanas were from Guatemala, and facilitated northward drug shipments through the country.

Allies and Enemies

The Lorenzanas have had a relationship with Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel that stretches back at least two decades.


The Lorenzanas have been decimated by arrests of its top leaders, with Waldemar extradited to the United States. When his trial began in 2015, it was revealed the once powerful figure of Guatemala’s underworld could have Alzheimer’s. Waldermer’s son, Waldermar Jr., was also extradited to the United States in November 2014. For all intents and purposes, the empire of the Lorenzana clan appears to have been dismantled.