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Well-armed vigilantes in Mexico's Michoacan state have helped authorities dismantle a powerful criminal organization, but now the government may have a more difficult task: keeping Michoacan safe from the vigilantes and rival criminal groups. Read More

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Knights Templar-Linked Mexico Mayor Arrested for Murder, Extortion

Knights Templar-Linked Mexico Mayor Arrested for Murder, Extortion

A mayor in Mexico's southwestern Michoacan state has been accused of murder, extortion and working with the Knights Templar, in a case highlighting the criminal group's infiltration into the murky world of Michoacan politics. Read more

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The Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios) is a splinter group of the once-mighty Familia Michoacana, which emerged in March 2011. Like their predecessors in the Familia, the Knights Templar cast themselves as a "self-defense" movement engaged in a struggle with Mexico's larger criminal cartels on behalf of the Michaocan population, and frequently employ religious imagery in their public communiques.

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Mexico is home to some of the most vicious organized criminal gangs on the planet. They traffic drugs, weapons, humans and other contraband, and are threatening the stability of the region.
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