Weekly InSight: Is Venezuela a Mafia State?

In our May 17 Facebook Live session, co-director Jerry McDermott and Spanish editor Ronna Rísquez explained the characteristics that transformed Venezuela into a...
Photo: Carlos Ramírez

The Devolution of State Power: The ‘Colectivos’

They are known by supporters as “knights of steel” on their motorcycles, and as the most ardent defenders of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution. Yet now they...
Photo: Fernando Llano 

Drug Trafficking Within the Venezuelan Regime: The ‘Cartel of the Suns’

In Latin America, criminal entrepreneurs in the form of cartels, have traditionally run drug trafficking. In Venezuela, it is managed from within government,...

Venezuela: A Mafia State?

This investigation, the product of three years of field research, looks at the exponential growth of organized crime in Venezuela and the consequences...
Credit: Seth Wenig/AP

7 Reasons for Describing Venezuela as a ‘Mafia State’

There is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a "mafia state." Here are seven arguments as to why we think Venezuela qualifies and what the...

Leaders Beset by Graft Scandals to Talk Corruption at Regional Summit

The 2018 Summit of the Americas will likely see many uncomfortable conversions between nervous politicians -- and perhaps a heavy dose of hypocrisy -- thanks to the...

Weekly InSight: Latin America’s Odebrecht Scandal Just Keeps Growing

In our March 29 Facebook Live session, Managing Editor Josefina Salomón and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa discussed recent developments in a seemingly never-ending...

Venezuela President Traded Contracts for Campaign Cash From Odebrecht

New evidence suggests Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro gave multimillion-dollar public contracts to Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht in exchange for...

Latin America Falls Short on Anti-Crime Efforts: US State Department

An annual US report on international drug trafficking suggests that Latin America continues to struggle with developing effective strategies to combat drug...