A group of Chinese citizens smuggled into Uruguay

Dominicans, Chinese Smuggled via Uruguay to Argentina

At least 50 Chinese people have been smuggled through Uruguay in the last two years, perhaps signalling the country's growing importance as a human trafficking hub...
Uruguayans march against increased violence

Uruguay Sees Rising Violence in 2013

Uruguay registered one homicide per day in the first two weeks of 2013, prompting fears that the rise in violence shows no signs of abating after 2012 saw a record...
Supporters of Uruguay's marijuana legalization bill

Uruguay Slows Marijuana Push Amid Criticism

President Jose Mujica of Uruguay has urged congress to hold off on its debate over the decision to legalize the state sale of marijuana, citing a lack of public...
Arrests were made near the San Martin bridge

Alleged Human Trafficking Ring Busted in Argentina

Authorities have broken up a human trafficking ring allegedly dedicated to moving Chinese and Dominicans from Uruguay to Argentina for forced labor, reinforcing...
Uruguayan police examine a homicide scene

Uruguay Set for Record Homicide Rate in 2012

Uruguay is on course for its most violent year on record, according to a new report, suggesting that organized crime may be increasing its presence in one of Latin...
A police vehicle on patrol in Uruguay

Uruguayan Police Suspected of Selling Guns to Brazilian Gangs

Uruguay is investigating 20 police officers for the disappearance of some 200 firearms over the past two years, as evidence suggests the officers may have been...
A proponent of Uruguay's marijuana bill

Details of Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill Raise Questions of Second-Hand Sales

A proposal by the Uruguayan government would allow marijuana consumers could buy up to 40 grams of marijuana from the government for around $35 a month, a measure...
An illegal landing strip in Catamarca, Argentina

Uruguay, Argentina to Monitor Drug Flights

The governments of Uruguay and Argentina have signed an agreement to jointly monitor drug flights to try to stem the amount of drugs brought in via illicit flights...
A protest in favor of legalizing marijuana in Uruguay

DEA to Reopen Uruguay Field Office

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is reportedly set to reopen its field office in Uruguay, a strong suggestion that the country is now playing a bigger role...