Uruguayan congressmen at vote on cannabis legalization

Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill Passes House, Awaits World’s Verdict

After passing a stern test in the lower house of congress, Uruguay's historic marijuana legalization bill will soon become law, but its impact may be more...
Nestor Valetti Rodriguez, a judge assigned bodyguards

Uruguay Ups Protection to Threatened Organized Crime Prosecutors

Prosecutors and judges investigating organized crime in Uruguay have been assigned special police protection after receiving threats, an indication of growing...

Uruguay Profile

Known as "the Switzerland of Latin America," Uruguay has traditionally had some of the lowest crime rates and strongest state institutions in the region. At the...
Legal marijuana may yet affect crime in Uruguay

Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill and Organized Crime

Though it has long been one of the safest countries in Latin America, insecurity and organized crime are on the rise in Uruguay, making it an interesting, if...
Uruguay is pushing to legalize marijuana

Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill Faces Political, Economic Obstacles

If Uruguay's proposal to regulate the production, sale and distribution of marijuana is properly implemented and overcomes political and economic hurdles, it could...
Argentine player Jonathan Bottinelli

Argentine Soccer at Center of Major Money Laundering Network

A coordinated “mega-wave” of raids has exposed an alleged major money laundering and tax evasion scheme involving soccer clubs in Argentina, Uruguay, and...
Cocaine base has a devastating impact on users

UN Details How Cheap Cocaine Base Plagues South America

A new United Nations report into the use and sale of cocaine base in Peru traces the rise of a drug that has blighted communities around South America, but has...
Uruguayan President Jose Mujica

Uruguay Begins Public Consultation Over Marijuana Legalization

Uruguay's government has launched a public awareness campaign to sway public opinion in favor of an initiative to legalize marijuana, in what it says is an attempt...
Uruguay appears to be attracting dollars and mafia

Mexican, Colombian Criminal Organizations Present in Uruguay?

Colombian and Mexican drug traffickers are likely using Uruguay for money laundering, according to a United States report, underscoring the country's growing appeal...