Prison Failing to Reform Uruguay Low-Level Drug Offenders

According to a top Uruguayan government official, the recidivism rate for low-level drug offenders is 100 percent, a phenomenon that many other Latin American...
Drug policy reform advocates in Uruguay

Legal Marijuana in Uruguay? Much Easier Said Than Done

In 2013, Uruguay took the unprecedented step of legalizing the production and use of marijuana. Yet, two years on, a commercial market is still in the project...
Contraband art seized in Argentina

Argentina Bust Points to Lucrative Underworld Art, Artifacts Trade

Argentina's authorities captured two separate contraband traders moving historic artifacts and stolen artworks across the Argentine-Uruguay border in a sign that...
Smuggling is booming on the Uruguay-Brazil border

Uruguay Takes On Multi-Million Dollar Chicken Smuggling Trade

Customs authorities in Uruguay have seized over two tons of contraband chicken as part of a crackdown on the smuggling networks that are exploiting tax laws and...
LatAm's drug trafficking dynamics are shifting

Survey Reflects Shifting Drug Trafficking Dynamics in LatAm

An investigation conducted by a non-governmental organization into perceptions of drug activity in Latin America reflects changing patterns in trafficking routes...
The Santa Bernardina Air Base

Uruguay an Important Weapons Source for LatAm Criminals?

An ammunition heist from an Air Force base in Uruguay points to corruption in the country’s security forces, and further indicates that the generally peaceful...

Uruguay Police Smuggled Weapons to Brazil

Uruguay authorities are investigating police accused of trafficking some 300 weapons to Brazil, an indication that the most heavily armed country in South America...
Police in Uruguay stopping a motorcycle rider during the operation

Uruguay Targets Motorcycles in Effort to Fight Crime

Security forces in Uruguay have seized nearly 400 motorcycles in an operation meant to combat contract killings and robberies, one sign of the concern over rising...
An example of a crime heat map created by PredPol software

Using Data to Predict and Prevent Crime in LatAm

Can Latin America see greater success in reducing urban crime and violence by emphasizing data collection and analysis? InSight Crime takes a look at three such...