Police confront Uruguay's "barras bravas"

Uruguay’s ‘Barras Bravas’ Have Become Cartels: Soccer Official

A high-level soccer official in Uruguay said recently that the country's organized fan clubs have begun operating like criminal organizations, indicating the...
Inmates doing exercise inside Acacías prison

Uruguay, Colombia Put Inmates to Work to Fight Organized Crime

In contrast to most of the region, Uruguay's government and at least one prison in Colombia are taking steps to provide more opportunities and rehabilitation to...
Uruguay's port of Montevideo

Brazil Gang in Uruguay Shows Country’s Growing Role in Drug Trade

Drug traffickers from Brazil are using Uruguay, in particular its capital city and main port of Montevideo, as a transit point for international drug trafficking...
Pro-legalization marchers in Uruguay

Delays in Uruguay Marijuana Law Leave Door Ajar for Drug Trafficking

Three years after Uruguay became the first South American country to create a legal market for marijuana, seven out of every ten cannabis consumers still acquire...
Seized marijuana in Paraguay

Rise in Uruguay Marijuana Seizures Presents Challenge to Reforms

An increase in marijuana seizures in Uruguay raises questions about whether criminal groups are taking advantage of delays to the implementation of the country’s...
Paraguay River

Mapping Paraguay’s Marijuana Trail

A report has mapped how marijuana is trafficked through Paraguay and Argentina via thousands of kilometers of river, providing an insight into a less popular but...
Uruguay looks to begin marijuana sales following legalization in 2013

Uruguay Takes New Step Toward Legal Marijuana Sales

Uruguayan authorities have announced that they will soon establish a registry of marijuana users, the latest step in a long process of realizing historic drug...
Congress debating anti-drug law

Bolivia, Uruguay Latest Countries to Propose Drug Law Reforms

Bolivia and Uruguay are set to implement new legal frameworks for combatting drug trafficking, reflecting a regional pattern of governments reassessing their...
Increased drug-related crime in Uruguay has sparked concern

Is Uruguay the New Argentina of Drug Trafficking?

The recent arrest of individuals linked to Mexico's Los Cuinis criminal organization has drawn attention to organized crime's presence in Uruguay and the role of...