What We Do

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InSightCrime.org and es.InSightCrime.org – Every day, nearly every week of the year, we scour for news in the region and publish several News Briefs and News Analysis articles on our hallmark websites. Every month, we publish special investigations based on our own in-country reporting and field research. We publish and update profiles of countries, criminal organizations and personalities from around the region. The process is laborious and resource intensive, but it has helped create the most complete database on organized crime in the Americas.


Drawing from our own experience and current work, InSight Crime trains journalists and non-governmental organizations on how to cover organized crime, corruption and citizen security. The training — which normally include follow up sessions and virtual correspondence — can be broken down into the following sections:

  1. The process of deciding on a topic, doing the pre-investigation, doing the actual investigation, and how to think through the writing and presentation of this topic;
  2. How to develop these stories in written, graphic, and/or audiovisual form in order to maximize the use of online platforms to extend the life and reach of the project;
  3. How to maximize the reach of these projects via partnerships with other organizations (civil society organizations with media and vice-versa);
  4. How to minimize the risks for reporters, editors, investigators and subjects of the stories.

We have now created a detailed series of safety protocols that allow us and other investigators to operate in even the most hostile environments in the region. We have conducted workshops in Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Paraguay. If you are interested in a workshop on one or all of these subjects, please contact us.


We produce special reports for both the public and private sectors on the dynamics of conflict and organized crime, and their effects on society, government, and business. The reports are based on our on-the-ground field research. Unlike many other think tanks which rely on open source material to compile their analysis, InSight Crime goes to the area and speaks to local stakeholders, government entities, international law enforcement and the criminals themselves. We have completed investigative projects in Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia. If you are interested in seeing examples of our work or contracting us to write a report, please contact us.


We provide assessment of state initiatives aimed at dismantling organized crime and enhancing citizen security. We give detailed analysis of the institutions in place to deal with issues of crime and governance and study the ways governments are implementing strategies and dividing up resources. We have carried out assessments in Colombia, Honduras and Mexico. If you are interested in seeing examples of our work or contracting the organization to assess your ongoing projects, please contact us.

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