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The Zetas in Nuevo Laredo

After the capture of Zetas boss "Z40," Nuevo Laredo is bracing itself for the worst. This investigation breaks down what makes the city...
Security forces in Nuevo Laredo are thin

How Mexico’s PRI Can Make Nuevo Laredo into Its Juarez

Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez, once the country’s most violent city, has seen violence drop dramatically in the last three years. The Woodrow Wilson Center’s...
Victims of Zetas' violence in Nuevo Laredo

2 Reasons Why Laredo Has Less Homicides than Nuevo Laredo

Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, sister cities along the US-Mexico border, are almost the same size. They have very similar economic motors, cultural heritage, populations...
A car bomb in Nuevo Laredo

Zetas Leader’s First Task: Hold Nuevo Laredo

Even before Zetas' leader Miguel "Z40" Treviño's surprising capture on July 16, Nuevo Laredo was slipping into a chaotic state of nearly constant dispute. Now...