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Zetas in Guatemala


Mexico Trumpets Arrest of ‘Most-Wanted’ Zetas Leader

Armed forces in Mexico arrested an alleged leader of the Zetas who was on the country's most-wanted list, but the longstanding policy of...

The Zetas in Guatemala

The Zetas, Mexico’s most feared and violent criminal organization, have moved operations to Guatemala, penetrating local police forces and the military. They have...
Former Guatemala Interior Minister Mauricio López Bonilla

Weekly InSight: Mauricio López Bonilla, From Guatemala’s Top Cop to US Most Wanted

In our June 29 Facebook Live session, Senior Editor Mike LaSusa and Senior Investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos discussed the case of former Guatemala Interior...
Guatemala ex-vice president Baldetti allegedly had close ties to the Zetas

US Extradition Request Depicts Deep Ties between Guatemala Ex-VP and Zetas

The US extradition request for Guatemala's former vice president Roxana Baldetti offers new details on her drug trafficking connections, linking her to the Mexican...
Clandestine landing strips on the rise

Criminal Activity Spreading Fire in Guatemala’s Maya Reserve

Criminal groups are burning huge swathes of protected forests in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve to put down more landing strips for moving drugs out of the...
Zetas leader Daniel Rojas, "el Cachete"

Guatemala Extradites Zetas Leader to Mexico

Guatemala's authorities have extradited a founding member of the Mexican criminal organization the Zetas back to his homeland, the man who led the criminal group's...
The site of the massacre in Peten, Guatemala

Guatemala Massacre Points to Post-Zetas Scramble

Officials in Guatemala have connected a massacre of nine people in the northern state of Peten to "score settling" among drug traffickers, in what appears another...
Members of Los Zetas on trial in Guatemala

Witness Reveals Zetas Recruitment, Structures in Guatemala

A key witness in the trial for a Zetas massacre in Guatemala has revealed how the Mexican cartel's original high standards and demand for well-trained recruits with...
Mexican fuel destined for illegal sale in Guatemala

Crime Groups Flooding Guatemala with Illegal Fuel from Mexico

Millions of gallons of illegal petrol are flowing into Guatemala from Mexico each week, part of a highly lucrative regional trade that authorities are struggling to...
Guatemalan Special Forces unit the Kaibiles

US Report Shows Zetas Corruption of Guatemala’s Special Forces

Newly declassified US security reports highlight how the Zetas recruited men from Guatemalan Special Forces unit the Kaibiles for use in operations in both Mexico...
Guatemalan police with the seized weapons

Zetas’ Top Guatemala Operative Captured in Mexico

Guatemala's authorities say Mexico has detained a leader of the Zetas who led the Mexican criminal group's operations in Guatemala, another significant blow to the...
The 8 slain police officers in Guatemala

Guatemala Catches 9 Suspected Of Police Massacre

Guatemalan authorities have captured nine people accused of the murder of eight police officers last month, at least one of whom is a police agent, indicative of...