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Released Zetas member Rogelio Gonzalez Pizana

Co-Founder of Mexico’s Zetas Leaves Prison

One of the founders of Mexico's Zetas cartel has been released from prison, raising the possibility that he could reassume control of the criminal organization,...
Alleged Zetas Jose Ramirez and Ismael Lopez

US Treasury Keeps Pressure on Reeling Zetas Leadership

The US Treasury has added two alleged Zetas financial operatives to its Kingpin List as it ratchets up the pressure on Mexico's most feared organized crime group...
Victims of Zetas' violence in Nuevo Laredo

2 Reasons Why Laredo Has Less Homicides than Nuevo Laredo

Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, sister cities along the US-Mexico border, are almost the same size. They have very similar economic motors, cultural heritage, populations...
A car bomb in Nuevo Laredo

Zetas Leader’s First Task: Hold Nuevo Laredo

Even before Zetas' leader Miguel "Z40" Treviño's surprising capture on July 16, Nuevo Laredo was slipping into a chaotic state of nearly constant dispute. Now...

What Z40’s Arrest Tells Us about Mexico’s Security Policy

The arrest of Zetas boss Miguel Angel Treviño, alias Z40, continues to roil Mexico, shifting the dynamic not only within the world of organized crime but also...

What Follows Zetas Leader’s Takedown in Mexico

The takedown by Mexican marines of Zetas uber-thug Miguel Angel Treviño offers crime fighters on both sides of the border encouraging signs that Mexico can...

Capture of Zetas Leader Opens Door for More Mexico Violence

The capture of the Zetas leader Miguel Treviño, alias Z-40, may mean more violence in the near term as his minions fight for the most coveted brand name in...
The now famous photo of "El Lazca" after his death

The Zetas After Lazcano: Branded Barbarism

Samuel Logan looks at what the future holds for the Zetas after the death of leader Heriberto Lazcano, arguing that the gang will become less controlled...
Zetas boss "El Mamito," captured in 2011

Zetas Splinter Group Announces Mission to Kill Z-40

A faction of the Zetas has split off to form a new group called the Legionaries, which is dedicated to waging war on Zetas boss “Z-40,” according to a...
Heriberto Lazcano, alias Z-3

Lazcano ‘Death’ May Hasten Zetas’ Decline

The Mexican Navy said Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano, alias "Z-3," was killed in a firefight with marines on Sunday afternoon -- a loss which could accelerate...
Ivan Velazquez Caballero, alias "El Taliban" (center)

‘El Taliban’ Capture Will Not Heal Zetas Divide

Mexicos' marines have arrested a top Zetas commander responsible for a bloody rift within the cartel, but even his capture will not be able to stop the group from...
Narco-banner in Puebla, signed in name of El Taliban

Has Zetas Leader Joined Gulf Cartel to Fight Z-40?

Narco-banners have appeared across Mexico with messages implying that a top leader of the Zetas has rejoined the ranks of the Gulf Cartel, calling...