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The alleged body of Heriberto Lazcano

Mexico Withholds DNA Info on ‘Slain’ Zetas Leader’s Body

Mexico's Attorney General's Office has refused to release DNA testing results that would confirm the identity of slain Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano, alias "Z3,"...
A coal miner in Coahuila, Mexico

‘Zetas Linked to Coal Mining in North Mexico’

A former governor and PRI leader in Mexico has claimed that the Zetas have broadened their activities to include coal mining in the northern state of Coahuila,...
The now famous photo of "El Lazca" after his death

The Zetas After Lazcano: Branded Barbarism

Samuel Logan looks at what the future holds for the Zetas after the death of leader Heriberto Lazcano, arguing that the gang will become less controlled...
The alleged body of Heriberto Lazcano

Mexico to Exhume Remains of Slain Zetas Leader’s Parents

As conspiracy theories about the death of Heriberto Lazcano continue to circulate, Mexican authorities said they would exhume his parents' remains in order to...
Arturo Beltran Leyva's apartment after deadly shootout in 2009

Mexico Takes Down Another Kingpin, but Conflict Rages On

The death of Heriberto Lazcano in a shootout with marines last week marks another in a series of takedowns of Mexico’s most wanted capos, but the ability of the...
The case of Lazcano's missing ears

Sizing Up Conspiracy Theories for Zetas Leader’s Death

With reports of the death of Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano, alias “Z-3,” there are already plenty of conspiracy theories for why his body disappeared --...
Tomb built by Zetas boss Heriberto Lazcano

Zetas Boss Only Identified After Body was Stolen

Mexican officials didn’t identify Heriberto Lazcano, alias “Z-3,” until after they had killed him and his body had been stolen, in a testament to the low profile...
President Felipe Calderon with army commanders

With Zetas Decimated, Sinaloa Cartel has Won the War

The end of Zetas boss Heriberto Lazcano is part of a long list of Mexican drug traffickers whose "death" provoked more questions than answers, argues...
Heriberto Lazcano, alias Z-3

Lazcano ‘Death’ May Hasten Zetas’ Decline

The Mexican Navy said Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano, alias "Z-3," was killed in a firefight with marines on Sunday afternoon -- a loss which could accelerate...
Ivan Velazquez Caballero, alias "El Taliban" (center)

‘El Taliban’ Capture Will Not Heal Zetas Divide

Mexicos' marines have arrested a top Zetas commander responsible for a bloody rift within the cartel, but even his capture will not be able to stop the group from...

Why a Zetas Split is Inevitable

Regardless of the veracity of the current rumors that Mexico's feared Zetas organization has split into pieces, the organization's breakup is a foregone conclusion...

Did the Zetas Force US Agent’s Killer to Surrender?

The Zetas forced one of their henchmen to surrender to the authorities after killing a US agent last year, in the hope of heading off a Washington-backed offensive...