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A crime scene in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Latin America is World’s Most Violent Region: UN

The UN's latest homicide report paints a bleak picture of the security situation in the Americas, where some battered governments face epidemic levels of violence,...
The Attorney General's Postulation Commission

The War of Paz y Paz: Enemy of the State

Since taking over in 2010, Guatemala's Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz has waged a revolution from inside one of the country's most troubled institutions. She...

Panama Murder Rate Declining Despite Org Crime Presence

Panama has seen a 19 percent drop in murders over the last five years despite its critical role in the international drug trade and a growing number of street...
Security forces with stolen Peruvian antiquities

UNESCO Praises Peru For Tackling Illicit Antiquities Trade

United Nations heritage body UNESCO has praised Peru's efforts in fighting the illegal trading of patrimonial artifacts, a crime that by nature is difficult to...

Brazil’s Scramble To Fight Prison Gang Reveals Strategy’s Limitations

In recent months, the São Paulo state government has been attempting an almost Herculean task: limiting the power of Brazil's largest prison gang, the First...
Members of Honduras' military police

Broadening Conceptions of Citizen Security in Latin America

Facing years of failed efforts to combat the drug trade, gangs and violence, Latin American countries are expanding their focus to include "softer" policies focused...
Arms seized from a Haitian kidnapping gang

How Haiti Successfully Curbed Kidnappings

Until recently, abductions in Haiti were rampant and almost always happened the same way: ski-mask-clad kidnappers would surround a house, force entry, ransack the...
Officials presenting the findings of the Violence Observatory

Are Honduras Security Policies Behind Drops in Homicide, Extortion?

Measures taken by Honduran authorities to combat crime are being credited for a declining trend in the homicide rate and a 75 percent reduction in extortion, though...
Seized cocaine precursor chemicals

Ecuador Chemical Tracking to Test Traffickers’ Adaptability

Ecuador is developing new technology to track chemicals used in drug production as they move through the country, in a step that could be undermined by the...
Brazil has launched major anti-trafficking publicity campaigns

Reports of Human Trafficking Rise Dramatically In Brazil

The number of reports of human trafficking in Brazil has risen 1,500 percent in 2013, according to government figures, indicating an increased awareness of a crime,...