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History of Activism Helps Mexico’s Indigenous Resist Organized Crime: Report

A new report examines the factors that enable indigenous resistance to organized crime in Mexico -- an interesting framework for understanding how indigenous...

Belize Prison Offers Softer Touch than Latin American Counterparts

Latin America’s prison system has long had a reputation for being corrupt, often acting as an incubator for organized crime groups and their criminal activities....

Ecuador ‘Legalizes’ Gangs and Slashes Murder Rate

In some New York neighborhoods, wearing yellow and black with a golden crown symbol can get you killed. But in Quito, Ecuador, clothing representing the Latin Kings...

Defining Organized Crime: A Primer (and a Friendly Kerfuffle)

Leading academics, researchers, and journalists dedicated to the study of organized crime around the world convened November 15 in Bogotá, Colombia, to share the...

Can Community Policing Help Tackle Organized Crime in Mexico?

A community-focused policing program that has produced positive results in one of Mexico’s most violent states suggests that alternative forms of policing could...

Colombia President Duque’s 5 ‘Hot Potatoes’

Colombia's new President Iván Duque took office August 7 where he will have to face down an ever-evolving...

5 Strategies to Combat Human Trafficking in the Americas

Human trafficking remains one of world’s most profitable criminal industries, but recent initiatives show governments and activists across the Americas are...

5 Ways To Fight Corruption in Latin America

Corruption has been solidifying its place at the top of the agenda for policymakers and citizens across Latin America and the Caribbean. Below, InSight Crime...

Crime Costs Brazil Tens of Billions Yearly: Study

A new study by Brazil's government estimates that the cost of crime has risen dramatically over the past two decades, now reaching the equivalent of tens of...

How Medellín’s Most Crime-Ridden Area Became a Top Tourist Destination

An area of Medellín once considered one of the most violent and crime-ridden places in Latin America is emerging as an attractive spot...

Honduras Anti-Graft Body Closing In on Ex-President: Report

An internationally backed anti-corruption body in Honduras is reportedly assisting local authorities with gathering evidence in an investigation targeting a...
Reforming Honduras' National Police has helped reduce homicides

7 Keys to Understanding Honduras’ Declining Homicide Rate

Due to a combination of factors, Honduras is on track to close out 2017 with a significantly lower homicide rate than has been observed in previous years....