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Horst Walther Overdick Mejía, alias "Tiger"

The Fall of Guatemala’s 3 Top Drug Lords

The stories of the captures of Walter Montejo, Elio Lorenzana, and Walther Overdick -- three of Guatemala's criminal capos wanted by the US -- shed light on the...
Guatemalan drug trafficker Otto Herrera

Why Did the US Release One of Guatemala’s Biggest Drug Traffickers?

Records show that the United States quietly released Guatemala kingpin Otto Herrera nearly a year ago, hinting at the possibility that the cocaine trafficker has...
Captured Guatemalan trafficker Walter Overdick

Fragmentation of Guatemala’s Underworld Fuelling Violence: Prosecutors

The deaths and arrests of mafia kingpins have caused Guatemala's drug trafficking groups to splinter, leading to violent power struggles, according to Guatemalan...
Guatemala drug trafficker Walther Overdick

Guatemala Extradites Drug Kingpin Walther Overdick to US

Guatemalan drug boss Walther Overdick has been extradited to the United States to face drug trafficking charges, a major step for a country that has one of the...

Guatemalan Drug Lord to be Extradited to US

Guatemalan drug boss Walther Overdick will be extradited to the United States, highlighting the role of extradition in the Central American country's weak justice...

US Treasury Designates Guatemalan Zetas Ally as ‘Kingpin’

The US Treasury has named Guatemalan citizen Horst Walther Overdick as a specially designated narcotics trafficker, a new blow against the organization of the...

Kingpin Arrest May Herald New Era for Guatemala’s Underworld

Guatemala's drug trafficking organizations are undergoing a profound shift away from traditional, family-oriented clans to a new generation of criminal groups....

Key Zetas Ally Walther Overdick Arrested in Guatemala

Horst Walther Overdick, the man who helped the feared Mexican Zetas drug gang cement their power in northern Guatemala, has been arrested, throwing the country's...

Guatemala Captures Top Overdick-Zetas Lieutenant

Guatemalan authorities captured a top lieutenant of the country's most powerful organized criminal gang, continuing an impressive offensive against the group and...

Horst Walther Overdick, alias “El Tigre”

Horst Walther Overdick, alias "El Tigre," was one of the biggest drug traffickers in Guatemala and a key facilitator of the Zetas' expansion. He was reportedly...