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Emerald czar Horacio Triana

Emerald Czar Accused of Planning Bomb Attack in Bogota

Witness testimony implicates a recently captured emerald baron in the planning of a daring bomb attack against a competitor in Colombia's capital city, another sign...

Colombia’s ‘Green War’ Reigniting with Death of Emerald Baron?

The death of one of Colombia's most important emerald barons marks the end of an era of relative peace and could usher in another "Green War" as rival clans fight...
Victor Carranza, Colombia's "Emerald Czar"

‘Selective and Silent’: The New ‘Green War’ for Colombia’s Emeralds

Since the death of controversial "Emerald Czar" Victor Carranza in April 2013, a series of attacks against members of Colombia's emerald industry have led to...
Pedro Simon Rincon Salazar died earlier this week

Death of Emerald Magnate’s Son Raises Tensions in Colombia

Emerald miners in Colombia will soon meet with church and police representatives in an attempt to avert a bloody conflict, as ongoing tension highlights the...
Pedro Nel Rincon, alias "Pedro Orejas"

Colombia’s ‘New Emerald Czar’ Arrested Amid Fears of ‘Green War’

A week after surviving a grenade attack, Colombia's "New Emerald Czar" has been arrested for links to organized crime and weapons trafficking, in what could be an...
Emerald magnate Pedro Rincon, alias "Pedro Orejas"

Grenade Attack in Colombia Raises Specter of New Emerald War

The man believed to have replaced "Emerald Czar" Victor Carranza as the most powerful figure in Colombia's emerald trade has named the rivals he blames for a recent...
Victor Carranza, Colombia's "Emerald Czar"

How Colombia’s Emerald Czar Outsmarted the Law

Colombia's famed "Emerald Czar," Victor Carranza, is dead of natural causes. As was clear when I interviewed him, Carranza, more than any other underworld figure in...
Colombia's 'Emerald Czar' Victor Carranza

Colombia’s ‘Emerald Czar’ Calls for New Peace Deal

Colombia's ailing "Emerald Czar," Victor Carranza, has called for a new peace deal with his rivals as fears mount over a new war for control of the lucrative...
Emerald businessman Jesus Sanchez, who was attacked in Bogota

Attacks Could Signal Outbreak of New Emerald War in Colombia

There are signs that a new battle for control of Colombia’s emerald business is already breaking out, as the industry’s ailing kingpin, Victor Carranza, struggles...

Emerald Czar’s Failing Health Could Spark Conflict in Colombia

Colombian emerald magnate Victor Carranza is approaching his end after a long battle with cancer, and his demise could spark a bloody war for control of this...

Colombia’s Great Survivor: Victor Carranza

"Emerald Czar" Victor Carranza is Colombia's Teflon man, having survived various attempts to assassinate and prosecute him over a 30-year period. Now he must beat...

Emerald Czar a Test for Colombian Justice

New evidence has emerged linking Colombian “emerald czar” Victor Carranza to paramilitary groups, but it is unlikely to be sufficient to convict this linchpin of...