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Kidnapping in Venezuela Rose 60% in 2010: Think Tank

A Venezuelan think-tank stated that kidnappings could have risen by 60 percent between 2009 and 2010, with this nation overtaking Colombia, once the world kidnap...

Venezuela’s Murder Rate: Beyond the Rhetoric

As both Venezuela’s government and the opposition battle over the significance of the country’s rising murder rate, neither side seems to be focusing on its...

On Colombian Border, Chavez Joins Forces With Opposition to Fight Crime

In an unprecedented display of non-partisanship, President Hugo Chavez’s government is teaming up with opposition political officials in the Venezuelan border...

Colombia and Venezuela: A Shift in Security Cooperation?

Venezuela and Colombia are seeking to increase security cooperation, which could have profound consequences for organized crime in the...

Venezuela to Manufacture Kalashnikov Rifles

In a move that many analysts see as potentially destabilizing for the region, Venezuela will begin to manufacture Kalashnikov rifles with the assistance of Russian...

Hugo Chavez: US Wants Makled to ‘Vomit’ Accusations

InSight Crime translates an excerpt from Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's weekly column, "Las Lineas de Chávez," in which Chavez speaks of Colombia's decision...

Colombia to Extradite Suspect to Venezuela, not US

In an unprecedented gesture of diplomacy, Colombian officials have announced that an alleged Venezuelan drug trafficker arrested earlier this year will be...

Colombia, Venezuela to Prepare Joint Anti-Narcotics Treaty

Colombia's Defense Minister, Rodrigo Rivera, announced that he would meet on November 19th with the Venezuelan Minister of the Interior, Tarek El Aissami, to...