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GameChangers 2017: The Empire Strikes Back

Welcome to InSight Crime’s GameChangers 2017, where we highlight the most important trends in organized crime in the Americas over the course of...

Is ‘Narco Nephews’ Sentencing a Political Message to Venezuela?

The sentence handed down in a US court to nephews of Venezuela’s first lady is anything but lenient, and it seems to be a diplomatic message to President Nicolás...

In Caracas, 4 Children Orphaned Every Day by Violence

Gilber Sosa Arellano will not see his daughter grow up. He will not take her for a ride on the bike he used to get to work, nor will he sing on any of his...
Venezuela's gubernatorial elections results have been met with fraud allegations

The Big Winner in Venezuela Elections? Organized Crime

Venezuela's ruling party has reportedly won a majority of governorships throughout the country in a recent election that was denounced as fradulent by opposition...
A police vehicle set on fire by prisoners

Venezuela Prison Shootout With Police Shows Criminal Control

A recent series of shootouts with police near one of Venezuela's most infamous prisons is a reminder of the control wielded by criminal groups from within...
Venezuelan authorities seized over 7 tons of copper

Venezuela Seizes Tons of Contraband Cable

Recent copper seizures in Venezuela show that basic supplies continue to seep out of the country as its economic crisis deepens, and people take desperate...
A security officer wears a skull mask during an OLP operation

Report Unmasks ‘State Terror’ of Venezuela Security Forces

A new investigation provides damning evidence of abuses and criminality associated with a controversial security initiative in Venezuela, adding to mounting...
Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro

US Warning on Venezuela Corruption Could Foreshadow More Sanctions

The United States has issued an advisory to alert financial institutions about widespread public corruption in Venezuela, and called on them to report suspicious...
At Venezuela's Cuatro Muertos (Four Dead Men) mine, the search for gold is chaotic. (Credit: OCCRP, Photographer’s name withheld for their safety)

Gold and Chaos: Gang Lords Rule Venezuela’s Orinoco Mining Arc

The rise of organized crime in Venezuela's southern Bolívar region has been directly proportional to the state's neglect of local people and towns. Criminal gang...
Killings rising in Venezuela illegal mining

What Is Behind Killings in Venezuela Illegal Mining Regions?

State forces have reportedly been responsible for a wave of killings in Venezuela's illegal mining zones, sparking questions over whether they are combating...
Venezuela's prisons are run by 'pranes,' or gang leaders

Weekly InSight: Special Investigation on Venezuela’s Prisons

In our September 14 Facebook Live session, Co-director Jeremy McDermott and Senior Investigator Deborah Bonello spoke about InSight Crime's special investigation of...
US President Donald Trump

US Threatens to Brand Colombia Not Compliant on Anti-Drug Efforts

In an annual designation of major drug trafficking and producing nations, US President Donald Trump broke with decades of precedent by calling out the...