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Cartel of the Suns

Una guerrillera del FBL


The Patriotic Forces of National Liberation (FPLN) is a guerrilla group based in western Venezuela, along the border with Colombia. It is also commonly known by its...
Diego Rastrojo, arrested in Venezuela

BACRIM in Venezuela

Various criminal groups made up of former Colombian paramilitaries, known as BACRIM, are present in Venezuela, using the country to run drug trafficking...
ELN boss "Pablito" filmed in Venezuela

ELN in Venezuela

Colombian guerrilla group the ELN has used Venezuelan territory for decades, but its presence in the country has become increasingly important since 2000 as its...
Ivan Marquez with Hugo Chavez in 2007

FARC in Venezuela

Venezuela is a vital base of operations for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and three of its seven blocs (fighting divisions) have a...