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Jose Inocente Valle Valle

In Historic Action, Honduras Arrests Member of Prominent Drug Clan

Authorities in Honduras have captured the youngest brother from the vaunted Valle Valle drug trafficking clan, in an extensive operation that marks a significant...
Juving Alexander Suazo Peralta

Is Arrest of Honduras’ 2nd Extraditable Drug Trafficker Part of Wider Trend?

Authorities in Honduras have captured the current head of "El Negro" Lobo's drug trafficking network, making him the second Honduran to face likely extradition to...
Employees of the Valles protest in Honduras

Employees of Valle Crime Clan Protest Honduras Seizures

Employees of the Valle Valle family have protested against the Honduran authorities' recent seizure of the alleged drug clan's properties, according to local media...
Valles leader Miguel Arnulfo Valle Valle

US Treasury Latest to Set Sights on Honduras’ Valles Drug Clan

The US Treasury has added the Valles crime clan to its "Kingpin List," the latest move in an unprecedented campaign against what is arguably Honduras' premier drug...
One of the Valle Valle properties seized

Honduras Seizes Luxury Properties in Move Against Valle Drug Family

Authorities in Honduras have seized 52 properties belonging to one of the country's premier drug trafficking groups -- the Valle family -- in a move that could...
Accused Honduran drug trafficker Digna Valle

An Arrest in Florida Could Mean Trouble in Honduras

The recent arrest of a member of an alleged Honduran drug trafficking family in Florida is another subtle sign that there is a changing of the guard happening in...
Jairo Orellana Morales, alias "El Pelon"

How a Guatemala Drug Trafficker Operated in Honduras

Intelligence reports obtained by the media in Honduras show how a captured drug trafficker and cocaine thief from Guatemala operated with the complicity of...


The Valles are one of Honduras' largest transport groups, using their base along the Guatemalan border to fortify their position as a key go-between for Mexican,...