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The scene of the double murder in Honduras

Murder of Two Political Elites Shakes Honduras

The cold-blooded double murder of a congressman and his father, himself a former high-court judge and aspiring president, has sent another round of shivers through...

Police Theft of $1.3 Mn is Mark of Honduras Corruption

Honduras has announced the suspension of 21 elite police agents assigned to the US Embassy for their implication in the theft of $1.3 million during an operation...
Alleged Cachiros head Javier Maradiaga, alias "Javier Cachiro"

Alleged Head of Honduras Drug Cartel in US Custody

The alleged leader of one of Honduras' largest drug trafficking groups, the Cachiros, is in US custody, which may spell trouble for some high-level Honduran...
Luis Alonso (left) and Miguel Arnulfo (right) Valle Valle

Completing Chapter, Honduras Extradites Valle Brothers to US

Two leaders of the notorious Valle Valle family now find themselves in US custody, extradited from Honduras a little over two months after their capture. The...
Sebastiana Hortencia Cotton Vasquez, alias "Tana"

Reports Shed Light on Guatemala Drug Trafficker’s Regional Links

The criminal history of the drug trafficker who reportedly inherited the network once run by crime lord "Juan Chamale" sheds light on the ties between Central...
Hector Emilio Fernandez Rosa

What’s Next in Honduras’ Suddenly Vibrant Counter-Drug Fight?

Honduras' president has claimed that the recent, unprecedented captures of major drug traffickers is "just the beginning" of the country's fight against organized...
The two Valle Valle brothers captured October 5

Nearly Half of the Honduras Traffickers Wanted by US Now in Custody

Eight of the 19 Honduran drug traffickers wanted by the United States have now been captured, a significant advance for a country so afflicted by drug violence and...

Honduras Captures Leaders of Valles Drug Clan

Honduras arrested two leaders of a prominent drug trafficking organization, further evidence of the growing effectiveness of the Honduran security forces, and how...
Jose Inocente Valle Valle

In Historic Action, Honduras Arrests Member of Prominent Drug Clan

Authorities in Honduras have captured the youngest brother from the vaunted Valle Valle drug trafficking clan, in an extensive operation that marks a significant...
Juving Alexander Suazo Peralta

Is Arrest of Honduras’ 2nd Extraditable Drug Trafficker Part of Wider Trend?

Authorities in Honduras have captured the current head of "El Negro" Lobo's drug trafficking network, making him the second Honduran to face likely extradition to...
Employees of the Valles protest in Honduras

Employees of Valle Crime Clan Protest Honduras Seizures

Employees of the Valle Valle family have protested against the Honduran authorities' recent seizure of the alleged drug clan's properties, according to local media...
Valles leader Miguel Arnulfo Valle Valle

US Treasury Latest to Set Sights on Honduras’ Valles Drug Clan

The US Treasury has added the Valles crime clan to its "Kingpin List," the latest move in an unprecedented campaign against what is arguably Honduras' premier drug...