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How His Own Extradition Policy Exposed the Honduras President

As his final extradition orders were being read and signed, a drug trafficker known as “El Negro” Lobo paced in his small holding cell. He was minutes away...

Wild West of Honduras: Home to Narcos and Their Politicians

On a December morning in 2018, Javier Erazo, known as “El Huita,” took to his hammock after a horseback ride at his farm in Ocotepeque, a town on the western...
Honduras’ Attorney General Óscar Fernando Chinchilla

Honduras Extraditions Expose Judicial System’s Weak Links

Honduras' Attorney General's Office has helped capture some of the country's most powerful criminals and their assets, shaking the country's underworld, but the...
Operation Sultan in Honduras

Honduras Cracks Down on Little-Known Drug Trafficking Clan

A security force operation in Honduras is cracking down on a little-known drug trafficking organization known as Los Pinto, a clan that may be benefiting from...
The Supreme Court in Honduras

Honduras Extraditions Hint at Ongoing Weakness in Judicial System

Five members of the weakened Valles drug trafficking organization are facing extradition to the United States, highlighting the Honduran government's commitment to...
The reported son of Luis Alonso Valle Valle

Honduras Minor Latest to Inherit Drug Empire in Latin America?

A judge has unexpectedly released the son of a leader of Honduras' Valle Valle drug clan, who allegedly took the reins of the family business following the capture...
The seizure of the Valle family's property

Honduras’ Valle Family Stole Huge Swaths of Land: Report

Evidence of land theft by the Honduras-based Valle family clan sheds light on the modus operandi of one of the country's most prominent drug trafficking...
Three alleged members of the AA Brothers Cartel arrested Jan. 30

Honduras Pursues ‘AA Brothers’ Cartel

Raids over the weekend resulted in the arrest of two alleged leaders of a powerful drug trafficking network, the culmination of a six-month investigation that may...

Honduras Drug Trafficker Pleads Guilty in Milestone Case

In a landmark case, Honduras and the United States have collaborated in swiftly extraditing and convicting a member of the infamous Los Valle drug clan. However, it...
Members of Los Tigres, a special forces unit of the Honduran Police

Mysterious ‘AA Brothers’ Captured, Negotiate with DEA in Honduras

Two suspected members of what Honduran authorities are calling the "AA Brothers Cartel" have reportedly surrendered to security forces in a negotiated agreement...
Wilmer Carranza Bonilla

Honduras Extradites Ex-Cop With Alleged Drug Ties to US

A former police intelligence agent became the eighth criminal suspect that Honduras has extradited to the United States to face drug trafficking charges in just...

‘Drug Trafficking Down 72% in Honduras’

According to an unidentified source in the Honduran security forces, drug trafficking has dropped significantly in Honduras thanks to military and intelligence...