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US Demands Mexico Double Down on Hardline Anti-Drug Approach

The United States is calling for authorities in Mexico to intensify their crack down on the country’s organized crime groups, doubling down on strategies that...

US Chemicals Help Fuel Mexico Drug Production: Report

Authorities in Mexico said they will look into the mass-scale diversion of chemicals from US companies to produce drugs that are trafficked over the border to feed...

MS13 East Coast Violence Fails to Consolidate Gang’s US Presence

The recent arrests of MS13 gang members in El Salvador accused of committing brutal murders in US East Coast states have, once again, raised alarms that the street...

5 Times the MS13 Tried — and Failed — to Become Drug Traffickers

The US indictment of an MS13 leader in El Salvador chronicles the latest failure of the infamous street gang to transform itself into a more sophisticated,...

US Overlooked Rogue Drug War Officials in Mexico

Explosive accusations by US prosecutors that three former top Mexican security officials accepted millions of dollars in bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel serve as...

US Indictment of MS13 Leader More (Political) Smoke Than (Terrorist) Fire

Last week, with great fanfare, the US government for the first time levied terrorism charges against a little known MS13 gang leader, but the indictment comes off...

Venezuelan Money Laundering Schemes Continue To Thrive in US

The seizure of a fleet of luxury cars bound for Venezuela in Florida has shown how officials and allies of President Nicolás Maduro are still seeking to sidestep...
The Aguacate airstrip allegedly used by President Zelaya’s brother to traffic drugs

Airspace Law Further Exposes Contradictory US-Honduras Drug Partnership

The approval of a new law targeting drug planes will afford the Honduras government improved access to US counternarcotics intelligence at a time when US...

US Pressure on Cuba to Extradite ELN Leaders Unlikely to Succeed

The US and Colombia's strategic alliance may seem stronger than ever after Washington blacklisted Cuba for refusing to extradite ELN leaders. But beyond this show...

Why is US Sending Navy Warships to Thwart Drug Smugglers?

Though described as a strategy to keep traffickers from exploiting the coronavirus pandemic, the US Navy’s recent deployment of warships to the Caribbean was a...

All Bark, No Bite: How US Bungled Case of ‘Major’ Money Launderer

US authorities alleged Nidal Waked and other members of his powerful and well-connected family in Panama were among “the world’s most significant drug money...

The DEA Academy: The Double Agent Factory

It must have felt like a real kick in the gut for those at the DEA when they found out that Commander Iván Reyes Arzate, who had been an agency lackey for eight...