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New report finds missteps by US agencies aided arms traffickers

US Agencies Botched Gun Running Investigations With Deadly Consequences: Watchdog

A new report from a US government watchdog has found that multiple agencies were at fault in a series of 2010 investigations of Texas arms traffickers, whose...
Migrants are opting for maritime routes to cross over into Mexico

Trump Wall May Reinforce Shift to Maritime Migrant Routes

Central American undocumented migrants are shifting to maritime transportation, according to a recent report, likely as a result of Mexico's crackdown on land...
Mexico's state of Chihuahua is confronting a resurgence of violent crime

Rising Violence in Chihuahua, Mexico Points to Homegrown Disputes

The border state of Chihuahua, Mexico is confronting a resurgence of violent crime, but the fight seems more about local revenue streams than international...
Demonstrators march in opposition to violence against women

Covering Violence Against Women: How We Miss the Bigger Story

In our March 9 Facebook Live podcast, Co-director Steven Dudley and Senior Investigator Deborah Bonello talked about how the media misses the bigger story when it...
US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Can Damage Control by US Officials Salvage Security Relations With Mexico?

The US Secretaries of State and Homeland Security visited Mexico in what appears to be an attempt to ease tensions between the two countries, but statements...
US President Donald Trump

5 Ways Trump’s Deportation Plan Helps Criminals

In a number of ways, the Trump administration's plan to curb illegal immigration in the United States could facilitate the type of crime that it purports to...
The US DEA has set its sights on CJNG

US Warns of CJNG Expansion From Mexico

American officials are reporting that the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation (CJNG) has expanded its trafficking operations in the United States, marking an important...
Mexico's cartels have transitioned from brown "tar" heroin to "china white"

China White, Mexico’s New Heroin Threatening the United States

Over the last ten years, US anti-narcotics agencies have witnessed a heroin epidemic that tripled the number of heroin addicts and caused more than 40,000 overdose...
US President Donald Trump

Trump’s Plan to Tackle Organized Crime Provides Bluster, No Substance

Donald Trump has targeted organized crime and drug cartels in a new executive order, but beyond the tough talk and bluster there is little to suggest the new US...
US President Donald Trump

Trump Exemplifies Regional Trend of Blaming Crime on Migrants

New US President Donald Trump has ordered the construction of a border wall to keep out what he has labelled the "drug dealers, criminals and rapists" from Mexico....
500 Mexican troops will relocate to Ciudad Mier.

Militarized Approach Continues as Mexico to Send 500 Troops to Border Town

Mexico's Defense Secretary says the army will send 500 soldiers to Ciudad Mier in the embattled state of Tamaulipas along the US-Mexico border, indicating that the...
Trump's economic policies could have a big impact on Mexico's crime landscape

How Trump’s Economic Policies Promise to Upset Mexico’s Criminal Landscape

Donald Trump's election sent a shock wave through Latin America and around the globe, and if his economic promises are met, his inauguration could do the same to...