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Small Farmers Hurting in Mexico’s Poppy Growing Heartland

Tension is brewing among small farmers in a notorious poppy-growing region in Mexico over delivery delays of a government subsidized fertilizer, in just the latest...

Mexico-Australia Meth Connection Reveals Fresh Crime Dynamics

Mexico crime groups are targeting Australia, where high methamphetamine prices are attracting traffickers willing to negotiate the long and difficult journey with...
Drug traffickers in Belgium attempted to send synthetic drugs to Argentina hidden in a rocking horse

Rocking Horse Exposes Argentina’s Rising Synthetic Drug Market

The seizure of a rocking horse stuffed with a large quantity of methamphetamine traveling from Belgium to Argentina has exposed yet more evidence of...

Synthesized ‘Spirit Molecule’ Caters to Evolving Chile Drug Demand

The dismantling of a laboratory in Chile used to synthesize the hallucinogenic drug DMT shows that an ever-widening range of psychoactive drugs is in high demand in...

Costa Rica Sees Growing Demand for Ketamine, Synthetic Drugs

A bumper seizure of ketamine bottles in Costa Rica shows evidence that the Central American Country is seeing growth and diversification of its internal synthetic...