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European Drug Report Shows Advances in Trans-Atlantic Drug Trafficking

A new major report about drug trafficking and consumption in Europe has provided key insights into how a record production of cocaine in Latin America has impacted...

US Border Officials See Methamphetamine Resurgence

The recent seizure of $16 million worth of methamphetamines by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has highlighted rising meth seizure and overdose trends in...

In Chile, Drug Trafficking Becoming More Prominent and Violent

According to a recent assessment, drug trafficking in Chile has become increasingly prominent, diversified, and violent over the past year — mirroring public...

Mexico Opium Network Shines Light on Marginalized Poppy-Growing Communities

The fall in heroin prices in the United States and the devastating economic effect this has had on poppy-growing communities in Mexico has been widely discussed and...

Continued Street Drug Sales in Tijuana Puts Users at Risk of Coronavirus

A coronavirus outbreak in the Mexico border city of Tijuana has not stymied street-level heroin and methamphetamine sales, and its large population of drug users is...

Chile Struggles to Deal With Colossal Influx of Synthetic Drugs

Seizures of synthetic drugs in Chile have skyrocketed from 2,304 doses in 2010 to more than 1.6 million doses in 2019, raising the question of how, or even if,...

Fentanyl Trade Fuels Cartel Battle in Central Mexico

Five gangs are reportedly vying for control of the fentanyl trade in Mexico's inland state of Zacatecas, suggesting that trafficking of this dangerous...

Fentanyl Enters Heroin Supply in Tijuana, Mexico

Drug users in Tijuana are being unwittingly exposed to the deadly opioid fentanyl in a corridor where the drug is frequently smuggled, but where the effects of the...

Argentina, Chile Team Up in Battle Against Synthetic Drugs

A criminal ring that sent synthetic drugs by mail from Argentina to Chile has been taken down in a joint operation, showing how both countries are teaming up to...
Drug traffickers in Belgium attempted to send synthetic drugs to Argentina hidden in a rocking horse

Argentina Tries To Stop Synthetic Drug Traffickers Sidestepping Prosecution

The Argentine government’s new strategy to detect and categorize the chemical components of new illicit substances, looks to confront the country’s growing...
Authorities in Argentina seized several kilos of cocaine on their way to New Zealand

LatAm Drug Traffickers Take Aim at New Zealand, Australia

A series of small seizures in which Argentine cocaine smugglers sought to reach New Zealand provides evidence of the growing appeal of Pacific markets for Latin...

Small Farmers Hurting in Mexico’s Poppy Growing Heartland

Tension is brewing among small farmers in a notorious poppy-growing region in Mexico over delivery delays of a government subsidized fertilizer, in just the latest...