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Independiente fans have been implicated in drug sales

Argentina Bust Shows Growing Role of Soccer Thugs in Drug Trade

Authorities in Argentina have busted a gang of drug trafficking soccer hooligans, in a case that illustrates the criminal potential of the well-connected thugs...
Money laundering destabilizes the legal economy

Avocados, Soccer, Wire Transfers, and Money Laundering

The title is not the name of the latest Guy Ritchie film. It refers to the relationship between soccer, avocados, wire transfers and money laundering in Latin...
Lionel Messi and his father Jorge

Messi Latest Soccer Star Embroiled in Drug Trafficking Scandal

The father of Argentina and Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi is under investigation for laundering drug money, in the latest scandal offering evidence that ties...
Atletico Madrid director Jose Luis Perez Caminero

Spanish Star Latest Connection Between Soccer and Crime

A Spanish judge has ordered proceedings against a director of the Atletico Madrid soccer team and a former Spain international for allegedly laundering money on...
San Lorenzo player Angel Correa

Gang’s Stake in Argentina Soccer Player is Dire Sign

A court in Argentina has taken control of a soccer player's registration while it investigates if funds from any future transfer were destined for a drug gang, in a...
El Salvador goalkeeper Miguel Montes

El Salvador Soccer Scandal is a ‘Metaphor for the Country’

In August this year, the sports magazine El Grafico published a story that shook the country: a player from the national soccer team, speaking anonymously, claimed...
The threat received by Roman Di Santo

Argentina Police Director Gets Death Threat From ‘Soccer Mafia’

The director of Argentina's federal police has received a death threat believed to be from one of the country's "soccer mafias" -- violent gangs that control the...
Argentine player Jonathan Bottinelli

Argentine Soccer at Center of Major Money Laundering Network

A coordinated “mega-wave” of raids has exposed an alleged major money laundering and tax evasion scheme involving soccer clubs in Argentina, Uruguay, and...
Bogota's Millionarios Team admits past ties to drug trafficking

Colombian Soccer Team Tries to Break from Narco Past

A Colombian soccer team announced that it may give up two titles won while the club was owned by a drug trafficker in the 1980s, drawing attention to the long and...

Mexican Goalkeeper ‘Helped Kidnappers Pick Rich Victims’

A goalkeeper suspended from a first-division soccer team in Monterrey, north Mexico, has been arrested on charges of helping a kidnapping ring to select wealthy...

How Gangs Have Disturbed the Math of Soccer in El Salvador

Most of El Salvador’s professional soccer teams have stopped giving players the numbers 13 and 18, fearing reprisals from the MS-13 and Barrio 18 gangs. El Faro...

Mexico Soccer Shootout Reflects Nation’s Struggle

The north Mexico city of Torreon came under the media spotlight when a gun battle interrupted a first-division soccer game -- InSight Crime looks at the recent...