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InSight Crime Game Changers 2015 – The Year of Corruption and Organized Crime

Welcome to InSight Crime's Game Changers 2015, where we highlight the year's most important trends in organized crime in Latin America and the Caribbean. This year...
Yankel Rosenthal is one of the Honduran soccer bosses accused of criminal ties

Why Are So Many Honduras Soccer Bosses Involved in Crime?

The recent arrest of six current and former soccer bosses in Honduras reveals how deeply crime and sports intersect in the country, at a time when corruption...
Milton Mendoza Matta

Brother of ‘Narco Leader’ Becomes Top Guatemala Soccer Official

The brother of the alleged leader of a prominent drug trafficking organization in Guatemala has taken over as the interim president of the country's soccer...
Five current or former FIFA vice presidents from Latin America were indicted by the US

The LatAm Soccer Officials Implicated in Latest FIFA Scandal

The US Department of Justice indicted an additional sixteen Latin American soccer officials on corruption charges, shedding more light on a complex network...
Boca Juniors fans in Buenos Aires

Argentina to Launch Crackdown on ‘Barras Bravas’ Soccer Gangs

Argentina's incoming security secretary has called for the creation of an "elite force" targeting hardcore soccer fans known as "barras bravas," illustrating the...
Yankel Rosenthal, president of Marathon soccer club

US Arrests Yankel Rosenthal, President of Honduras Soccer Club

United States authorities arrested Yankel Rosenthal, a former government minister and president of the Honduras soccer club Marathon, which is owned by one of...
Ricardo Teixeira

The 3 Caudillos: the FIFA Heads Who Corrupted Soccer in the Americas

Fourteen names appeared in the indictment that accompanied the dramatic downfall of the heads of global football. All fourteen were from Latin America and the...
Patricio Gorosito holding a soccer jersey

Historic Argentina Drug Trafficking Trial Begins with FIFA Accusations

The "White Charcoal" drug trafficking trial in Argentina has begun with allegations one of the accused worked as a frontman for a former FIFA chief, adding a new...
Estadio Polideportivo Sur -- Envigado FC's home field

Eight Colombia Soccer Teams Suspected of Ties to Drug Traffickers

Eight Colombian soccer teams have come under investigation for links to drug trafficking, hinting at a new chapter in the long history of organized crime and soccer...
Former Conmebol President, Nicloas Leoz

Paraguay Questions Immunity Granted to Soccer Body

Paraguay's Congress is considering a bill that would remove the diplomatic immunity currently enjoyed by the governing body of South America's soccer association, a...
An FBI raid linked to the FIFA scandal

Latin America at Heart of FIFA ‘Cartel’

Twelve of the 14 defendants indicted in the bribery scandal involving international soccer organization FIFA are from Latin America and the Caribbean, just another...
Police guard the site of the massacre

Brazil Arrests Police Following Soccer Club Massacre

The arrests of one current and one former police officer in connection to a recent soccer club massacre in São Paulo, Brazil add a new twist to an incident...