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The 'narco-rice' case began in September 2015

Argentina ‘Narco-Rice’ Investigation Turns Towards Soccer

Authorities in Argentina are investigating everything from soccer matches and players' rights to investments in a crematorium as part of the second phase of an...
Boca Juniors supporters during a game

Are Argentina Soccer Hooligans Expanding Their Criminal Portfolio?

Reports indicate that one of Argentina's criminalized soccer hooligan groups known as "barras bravas" provided muscle for an extortion ring in Buenos Aires,...
Raúl Flores Hernández of the Flores Drug Trafficking Organization

Biggest US Sanctions Target Mexico Narco You’ve Never Heard Of

The DEA has announced what it claims is the largest kingpin designation ever made against a Mexican drug trafficker and criminal organization with virtually no...
Police confront Uruguay's "barras bravas"

Uruguay’s ‘Barras Bravas’ Have Become Cartels: Soccer Official

A high-level soccer official in Uruguay said recently that the country's organized fan clubs have begun operating like criminal organizations, indicating the...
A soccer referee holds a red card, signifying a player is expelled from the game

Organized Crime a Player When it Comes to Match Fixing

A new guidebook published by the United Nations highlights the links between organized crime and match fixing in sports, and it offers suggestions for the relevant...
Juan Pedro Damiani, member of the FIFA Independent Ethics Commission

Panama Papers Link FIFA Ethics Member, LatAm Soccer Corruption

Newly leaked documents from a Panama-based law firm connect a member of FIFA's ethics commission to three individuals facing bribery charges over deals to secure...
Soccer players moved by alleged drug traffickers

Juarez Cartel Operator a Player in International Soccer Deals

A convicted financial operator of Mexico's Juárez Cartel is also the legal representative of a firm involved in the buying and selling of European soccer...
Galo Chiriboga Zambrano, Ecuador's Attorney General (middle)

Ecuador Soccer Officials Accused of Money Laundering

Ecuador has announced its intent to prosecute several soccer officials on money laundering charges, the latest domino to fall after a 2015 US indictment of FIFA...
Argentina is targeting the "Barras Bravas"

Argentina Targets ‘Barras Bravas’ Soccer Gangs

Authorities in Argentina have created a registry that reserves them the right to deny soccer fans admission into stadiums, as part of an effort to cut down on...

El Salvador Mayor Sentenced to 13 Years For Drug Trafficking

The prosecution of an El Salvador mayor for drug trafficking is a glaring example of the lack of rigor in appointing politicians in Central America, drawing...

InSight Crime Game Changers 2015 – The Year of Corruption and Organized Crime

Welcome to InSight Crime's Game Changers 2015, where we highlight the year's most important trends in organized crime in Latin America and the Caribbean. This year...
Yankel Rosenthal is one of the Honduran soccer bosses accused of criminal ties

Why Are So Many Honduras Soccer Bosses Involved in Crime?

The recent arrest of six current and former soccer bosses in Honduras reveals how deeply crime and sports intersect in the country, at a time when corruption...