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What Does Mario Estrada’s Guilty Plea Mean for Guatemala?

The guilty plea of Mario Estrada, a former Guatemalan presidential candidate, to conspiring to import cocaine into the United States has triggered a backlash...

Culiacán Shambles Exposes Lack of Any Security Plan for Mexico

Amid a wave of national and international criticism for his handling of the Culiacán meltdown last week, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador faces the...

Testing Wastewater Paints Drug Use Map Across Mexico

A pilot study in Mexico is showing promising results for measuring the frequency and type of drugs being used across the country by measuring metabolites in...

Son of ‘El Chapo’ Freed After Fierce Cartel Mobilization in Mexico

Residents of Mexico’s Sinaloa state capital of Culiacán were paralyzed with fear as gunfire erupted after authorities briefly detained and then released a son of...

Internal Strife Within the CJNG in Baja California, Mexico

The defection of a cell of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation in Baja California has stoked the flames of violence and highlighted internal problems within one of...

Narco Funeral Draws Attention to Los Salazar in Mexico

The murder and lavish funeral of a violent clan boss linked to the powerful Sinaloa Cartel has shown the outsized influence of Los Salazar in a strategic region of...

Arrest Uncovers Costa Rica Drug Boss’ Sinaloa Cartel Links

Authorities have taken down the boss of the Moreco gang -- a uniquely powerful Costa Rica-based drug trafficking group with apparent ties to Mexico's Sinaloa...
Authorities in Argentina seized several kilos of cocaine on their way to New Zealand

LatAm Drug Traffickers Take Aim at New Zealand, Australia

A series of small seizures in which Argentine cocaine smugglers sought to reach New Zealand provides evidence of the growing appeal of Pacific markets for Latin...

El Chapo Has Been Jailed for Life, But Is Mexico Better Off?

A US federal court has sentenced former Sinaloa Cartel capo Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera to life in prison, but in the drug lord’s absence, any semblance...

Is the Jalisco Cartel Winning the Battle for Mexico’s Caribbean?

The brazen slaying of a trusted Sinaloa Cartel operative may look like just another symptom of rising violence along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, but a closer look...

Migrants Easy Prey Under US ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program

A new set of migrant protocols implemented in the United States is requiring asylum seekers to wait out their court proceedings in various border towns in Mexico,...

Mexico-Australia Meth Connection Reveals Fresh Crime Dynamics

Mexico crime groups are targeting Australia, where high methamphetamine prices are attracting traffickers willing to negotiate the long and difficult journey with...