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Incarcerated MS-13 members

‘Iron Fist’ Policies Feed Central America Gang Violence: Study

Harsh and repressive actions taken against gangs by Central American governments have served to worsen violence, according to the independent research project Small...
Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong

The Pros and Cons of Absorbing Mexico’s Gendarmerie into the Federal Police

Mexico's government has decided to make the controversial Gendarmerie -- a key component of President Enrique Peña Nieto's national security policy -- part of...
Santos speaks at citizen security conference

Colombia to Invest ‘Unprecedented’ $2.3 Billion in Citizen Security

The Colombian government plans to invest a total of $2.3 billion in citizen security for the 2012 to 2015 period, highlighting how localized criminal operations are...
Guerrero vigilantes block highway demanding security

Vigilantes Detain University Students in Mexico’s Guerrero State

A newly formed community police group in Guerrero, Mexico has blocked a main highway, detaining 30 university students and 40 tourist buses, as they demand...
Heavily armed community police in San Marcos province

100s of Guatemalan Community Police Groups Operate Illegally: Study

Over 300 community policing units in Guatemala operate illegally and some are engaged in the drug trade, according to a new study, highlighting both the dangers of...
Authorities recover residents' homes in San Pedro Sula

Honduras Authorities Recover Homes, Schools, Churches From Gangs

Honduran authorities have recovered 90 houses and several schools and churches that had been abandoned and taken over by gangs in San Pedro Sula, representing a...
A military patrol in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Military Patrol Streets To Fight Crime

The Dominican military has begun patrolling the streets alongside the country's police force in an effort to reduce high crime levels, a move sure to feed concerns...
Michoacan students detained by federal forces in 2012

Michoacan’s Security Surge: Back to the Future

The Mexican government claims that a security surge in Michoacan state in response to ongoing violence is better coordinated than similar initiatives led by the...

A Never-Ending Mission: Soldiers as Police in Mexico

In mid-May, the residents of La Ruana and other towns in Mexico's western state of Michoacan lined roadsides to cheer the arrival of thousands of soldiers to their...
Bolivian forces eradicate coca in Apolo

6 Arrested, 11 Wounded in Bolivia Coca Clashes

Ongoing clashes between coca growers and police over coca eradication in northwest Bolivia highlights the strained relationship between the security forces and the...
Nicaragua police chief Aminta Granera

Nicaragua Homicide Rate Drops to 11 per 100,000

Nicaragua's police chief has attributed a drop in the country's national homicide rate to an increase in police operations, although reports of criminal activity on...
Folha's map of the border cameras

Brazil to Install Border Security Cameras

Brazil will install video surveillance cameras along the 17,000 kilometer border it shares with 10 other countries, as part of a national public security strategy...