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Coronel German Alfaro

Honduras to Double Military Police in San Pedro Sula

The chief of Honduras' military police force has outlined plans to double the number of officers on the streets of violence-torn San Pedro Sula, though the problem...
Members of Guatemala's PNC

Report Puts Guatemala National Police Under the Microscope

A new report from a US researcher examines the performance of Guatemala's national police force, finding that despite a years-long boost in budgetary resources, the...
The plane discovered in La Mosquitia

Are Honduras Drug Flights Down 80% as Officials Claim?

Officials from the United States and Honduras claim drug flights through the country are down 80 percent, but these statements should be approached cautiously as...
BOPE search Vila Kennedy. Photo: Bruno Poppe

Gangs Reassert Themselves in Rio’s ‘Pacified’ Favelas

InSight Crime accompanied Rio's elite military police squad as it occupied one of the city's biggest and most violent favelas, the latest operation in the...
Members of Honduras' military police

Broadening Conceptions of Citizen Security in Latin America

Facing years of failed efforts to combat the drug trade, gangs and violence, Latin American countries are expanding their focus to include "softer" policies focused...

The Flaws at the Heart of Mexico’s Crime Prevention Strategy

A new report from a leading think tank takes a detailed look at Mexico's security agenda under President Enrique Peña Nieto, highlighting several flaws in the...
Salvador Sanchez Ceren (right center)

What do Tight Presidential Elections Mean for Security in El Salvador?

Tensions are mounting in El Salvador with the results of presidential elections still too close to call -- a situation that does not bode well for the country's...
Members of Kaminal Task Force in El Mezquital

Ten Years of Violent Deaths in Guatemala

Guatemala lowered its rate of homicides per 100,000 inhabitants for the second consecutive year in 2013, according to data from the National Civil Police (PNC). But...
Jamaica is taking a hard line on gangs

Jamaica Anti-Gang Bill Approved by House Amid Controversy

Jamaica has passed controversial new anti-gang legislation, which opponents fear will criminalize broad sectors of vulnerable youth, and even supporters admit will...
Officials presenting the findings of the Violence Observatory

Are Honduras Security Policies Behind Drops in Homicide, Extortion?

Measures taken by Honduran authorities to combat crime are being credited for a declining trend in the homicide rate and a 75 percent reduction in extortion, though...
Venezuela's national police in Caracas

Will Venezuela’s Citizen Security Reform Continue Despite Re-militarization?

January saw an accentuation of the progressive remilitarization of citizen security under the Maduro government, with military officers placed at the head...
Venezuela's Bolivarian National Guard

Do People in Venezuela Support Civilian or Military Policing?

Since our last article in this series there have been significant changes in the administration of citizen security in Venezuela. The murder of actress...