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Honduras' incoming President Juan Orlando Hernandez

Top 3 Security Challenges Facing Honduras’ Next President

As leader of the world's most dangerous nation, Honduras' next president will face a unique set of security challenges. His response to these may determine whether...
A drug plane captured in Honduras in 2010

Honduras Approves Drug Plane Shoot-Down Law, Bolivia Set to Follow

Honduras' congress has approved a drug plane shoot-down policy aimed at attacking the cocaine air bridge into the country, a policy Bolivia seems set to...
Soldiers blow up a narco-airstrip in Peru's VRAEM

Peru Takes Fight to VRAEM Traffickers, Narco-Airstrips

There were months of passivity from the authorities while the face of drug trafficking in the region of Peru known as the VRAEM changed: the trains of people...
Members of Venezuela's National Bolivarian Police

Maduro Militarizes Policing in Venezuela, Again

The fact that Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro went on national television and directly addressed the tragic murders of actress Monica Spear and her...

5 Predictions for Mexico Security in 2014

Security analyst Alejandro Hope gives his thoughts about what Mexico's security situation will look like in 2014. Overall, the outlook is none too...
Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear

Beauty Queen Murder Pressures Venezuela Govt to Act on Insecurity

The murder of the 2004 Miss Venezuela winner has sparked a wave of concern over the country's security situation, forcing the government to confront a major issue...
Police Chief Juan Carlos Bonilla, "El Tigre"

Outgoing Honduras President Removes Controversial Police Chief

Honduras' lame duck president has announced the removal of controversial national police commander Juan Carlos "El Tigre" Bonilla, raising the question: why...
Honduras President-elect Juan Orlando Hernandez

Honduras President-Elect Pledges “Iron Fist” to Combat Chaos

Honduras' new president-elect has vowed to enforce hardline security policies to combat drug trafficking and gang activity in the region's most violent country, but...
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Mexico Security Under Enrique Peña Nieto, 1 Year Review

A year into President Enrique Peña Nieto's tenure in Mexico, the country’s criminal landscape is largely the same as prior to his arrival, though a number of...

The Mexico Govt’s Coordination Obsession

In the view of Mexico's government, coordination in the national security strategy is an end in itself, independent from the goals they are pursuing and from the...
Bolivian Interior Minister Carlos Romero

Bolivia Govt Admits Major Cocaine Transit

Bolivia’s interior minister has admitted the country has “technological weaknesses” that make it difficult to properly track incoming drug flights, but failed to...
Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes

100 Days In, Paraguay President’s War on EPP Sees Little Progress

Paraguay's new head of state declared a frontal assault on the northern EPP guerrillas in August, but just shy of 100 days into his presidency, there is little sign...