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Tijuana, Mexico a place with high levels of violence

The Complex Relationship of Organized Crime and Violence in LatAm

A new UN report finds that organized crime bears a complex relationship to rising insecurity and violence in Latin America, which is influenced by a host of other...
Who are Mexico's 122 most wanted criminals?

Does Mexico’s Most Wanted List Even Exist?

The list of Mexico's 122 most wanted criminals cited by the president does not exist, according to state institutions, reviving long standing questions about...
Brazil's army has increased its presence in the Amazon

Brazil’s New Security Policies Raise Old Questions

A new report examines aggressive attempts by Brazil's government to secure the country's borders by building regional alliances, the results of which have echoed...
Members of the Central American Integrated System.

Central America to Integrate Fight Against Organized Crime

The governments of Central America have announced plans to create a regional body to centralize security initiatives, a move that may help tackle the free movement...

Mexico Govt Claims Murders Down, but Kidnappings Still Rising

As debate continues over claims by Mexico's president that his security policies are behind a drop in violence, statistics showing rapid growth in the number of...
Members of Venezuela's civilian militias

Venezuela Plans to Double Size of Civilian Militias

Venezuela's president wants to more than double the number of civilians involved in armed militias, a move with serious political and possibly criminal implications...
Honduras military patrols city streets

Honduras Gives Green Light to Military Police

Honduras has signed into law the creation of a military police force to help confront the country's security crisis, a move that has provoked human rights concerns...
Soldiers sent to Michoacan in May

Michoacan Plans to Place Military Men in Charge of Police

As vigilante drama in violence-plagued Michoacan, Mexico continues, the state government has proposed placing former military commanders at the head of municipal...
Arturo Corrales presents security plan

Honduras to Create New Community Police Force

The Honduras government plans to create a new force of 4,500 community police, and to reorganize the structure of existing police units, though neither plan seems...
President Nicolas Maduro (center) presents border security plan

Venezuela to Create Task Force to Fight Border Crime

The Venezuelan government plans to create a new force tasked with patrolling the border with Colombia, which will face an uphill battle if it is to make a dent in...
Costa Rican Security Minister Mario Zamora

Costa Rica to Spy on Foreign Criminal Organizations

Costa Rica plans to begin using its embassies in other countries to track the activity of criminal organizations, suggesting the Central American country is...
Truce mediator Raul Mijango with gang members

El Salvador Politicians Demand Investigation into Truce Mediator

Salvadoran officials have called for an investigation into truce mediator Raul Mijango, after he made comments suggesting that a recent spike in homicides is...