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Bolivian forces eradicate coca in Apolo

6 Arrested, 11 Wounded in Bolivia Coca Clashes

Ongoing clashes between coca growers and police over coca eradication in northwest Bolivia highlights the strained relationship between the security forces and the...
Nicaragua police chief Aminta Granera

Nicaragua Homicide Rate Drops to 11 per 100,000

Nicaragua's police chief has attributed a drop in the country's national homicide rate to an increase in police operations, although reports of criminal activity on...
Folha's map of the border cameras

Brazil to Install Border Security Cameras

Brazil will install video surveillance cameras along the 17,000 kilometer border it shares with 10 other countries, as part of a national public security strategy...
Guerrero Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero

Governor Promises Security Crackdown Along Michoacan Border

The governor of Guerrero announced plans to increase security along its shared border with Michoacan, a state that has recently seen an outbreak of conflict between...
A "narco-sub" intercepted by the Coast Guard

‘Drug Subs Using Venezuela-Puerto Rico Route’

Large quantities of cocaine are reportedly arriving to Puerto Rico via submarines originating from Venezuela, highlighting the evolving tactics used by drug...
Bolivian President Evo Morales

Bolivia Turns to Venezuela for Anti-Drug Aid

Bolivia has turned to Venezuela as it continues its search for partners to replace the United States in providing anti-drug aid, in what may prove an unwise choice...

Mexico Rolls Out Violence Prevention Program

In the coming days, the Mexican government will begin to implement social programs around the country as part of its violence prevention strategy - the flip side of...

Why Mexico Should Open the Gendarmerie Debate

Although the Mexican government's idea of creating a National Gendarmerie has been criticized for lack of clarity and failure to define objectives, one official has...
Bolivia and Brazil plan to increase security cooperation

Bolivia, Brazil Plan Bilateral Measures to Fight Organized Crime

Brazilian and Bolivian government ministers will plan joint initiatives in fighting organized crime during meetings this week in Santa Cruz, a southeastern...
Recruits for the Tigres in training

Plans For New Military Police in Honduras Backed by Congress

Honduras' Congress has taken up the debate over the possible establishment of a military police unit as an answer to spiralling violence, a discussion that will...
Brazilian military police stand below Cristo Redentor

Rio Police Occupy 3 Favelas Prior to UPP Installation

Brazilian military police have peacefully occupied three Rio de Janeiro favelas prior to introducing a new police pacification unit (UPP), while the shooting of a...
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff

Brazil Broke Up 65 Criminal Gangs in Border Surge: President

Brazil has dismantled 65 criminal organizations operating on its borders since the start of a major security initiative in 2011, according to the president, though...