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Mexico federal forces in Tamaulipas

How Federal Security Deployments in Mexico Are Set Up to Fail

The recent wave of killings that has made the state of Tamaulipas one of Mexico's main drug war battlefields has prompted plans to send in federal troops to...
President Juan Orlando Hernandez

Honduras Poll Indicates Support for New President’s Iron Fist Policies

Honduras' new President Juan Orlando Hernandez garnered a 66 percent approval rating in a new CID/Gallup poll, indicating significant public support for a president...
Inauguration of the PMOP in October 2013

‘Mano Dura’ in Honduras: An Enduring Barrier to Reform

Four months after being sworn in as president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez has carried out some security-oriented initiatives to battle his country's rising...
Estanislao Beltran at the inauguration

Mexico Launches Official Vigilante Unit in Rocky Legalization Process

Hundreds of vigilantes have joined Mexico's new "Rural Defense Force" as part of a move to legalize self-defense militas, creating a potentially critical rift...
Carlos "El Negro" Lobo escorted by Honduras security forces

Honduras Swift to Complete First Extradition to US Under New Law

Carlos "El Negro" Lobo has become the first Honduran drug trafficker to be extradited from Honduras to the United States, in a rapidly completed process apparently...

Security Successes Don’t Add Up to Popularity for Mexico President

Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto has made turning the page on the violence of the past administration one of his foremost goals, but his declining approval...
A UPP post attacked in March 2014

Rising Attacks on Rio Police Bad Sign as Brazil World Cup Nears

Attacks on police units in Rio de Janeiro's "pacified" slums have increased amid some apparently coordinated efforts, in what represents a major concern for ongoing...
Murder victims in south Belize City in 2012

Belize City Gang Ceasefire is Temporary Reprieve

Authorities in Belize have reported a ceasefire between gangs in the south of the country's largest city following a surge in homicides, though the country's prime...
Evo Morales signing the law

Bolivia LatAm’s Latest to Pass Narco-Plane Shoot Down Law

Bolivia has become the latest Latin American country to approve a law allowing planes suspected of carrying drugs to be shot down, yet questions remain over the...
A crime scene in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Latin America is World’s Most Violent Region: UN

The UN's latest homicide report paints a bleak picture of the security situation in the Americas, where some battered governments face epidemic levels of violence,...
Captured BLO boss Arnoldo Villa Sanchez

Mexico Drug Boss Capture Casts Doubt Over Official Favoritism Talk

Authorities in Mexico have captured a man described as the second in command of the Beltran Leyva Organization, signaling the government's continued pursuit of...
Murder scene in Metepec, Estado de Mexico

Much Ado about Mexico, the State

A new report examines the clamor over insecurity and the government's insufficient response in Mexico's largest state, and finds that reality and security...