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Murder scene in Metepec, Estado de Mexico

Much Ado about Mexico, the State

A new report examines the clamor over insecurity and the government's insufficient response in Mexico's largest state, and finds that reality and security...
Gang members accused of murdering a policeman in January

El Salvador to Wield Terror Laws Against Gangs

El Salvador's top prosecutor says he will use the government's anti-terrorism laws to prosecute gang members who attack police, opening the way for even tougher...
Community policing is one part of the new security paradigm

How Citizen Security is Changing in Latin America and the Caribbean

Faced with epidemic rates of violence, Latin American and Caribbean countries are expanding their investment in security and development cooperation. Many are doing...
Argentina anti-drug police engaged in the raid

‘Biggest Ever’ Argentina Anti-Drugs Op Mark of Rosario Problem

Argentina's largest ever anti-drug operation took place in Rosario this week, indicating authorities are feeling pressured to act against rising violence and crime...
Is Hezbollah's interest in Latin America just opportunism?

Terrorism and Crime in the Americas – ‘It’s Business’

In a statement given before the Organization of American States, InSight Crime's Steven Dudley discusses the reality of the links between global terrorist groups...
The FARC are deeply involved in drug trafficking

Making Good Criminals: How to Effectively Respond to the Crime-Terrorism Nexus

The following piece comes from Dr Vanda Felbab-Brown's Potomac Institute for Policy Studies seminar entitled, "Convergence of Crime and Terrorism?" given on...
SouthCom Commander John Kelly

SouthCom’s Mixed Messages Over ‘Drug War’ Success

A US military chief has appeared alongside a Guatemalan counterpart to laud the success of regional drug interdiction efforts, apparently contradicting a statement...
Narco-plane shot down by Honduras in 2012

US Halts Honduras Cooperation Over Narco-Plane Shoot Down Law

The United States has ended the sharing of intelligence from anti-narcotics radars with Honduras in a predictable response to Honduras passing a law permitting the...
Colombian special forces

Colombia, the United States, and Security Cooperation by Proxy

US aid to Colombia has declined considerably since 2008. Counternarcotics and counterinsurgency activities, in which Washington has been heavily involved since Plan...
Coronel German Alfaro

Honduras to Double Military Police in San Pedro Sula

The chief of Honduras' military police force has outlined plans to double the number of officers on the streets of violence-torn San Pedro Sula, though the problem...
Members of Guatemala's PNC

Report Puts Guatemala National Police Under the Microscope

A new report from a US researcher examines the performance of Guatemala's national police force, finding that despite a years-long boost in budgetary resources, the...
The plane discovered in La Mosquitia

Are Honduras Drug Flights Down 80% as Officials Claim?

Officials from the United States and Honduras claim drug flights through the country are down 80 percent, but these statements should be approached cautiously as...