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As Nicaragua Violence Soars, Doubts About Those Responsible Disappear

Innocent civilians continue to be killed in Nicaragua as political unrest spreads across the country and spirals out of control, leaving no doubt about who is...

El Salvador Citizen Security Plan Struggling to Reduce Insecurity

Three years after the launch of a much-touted citizen security initiative in El Salvador, officials say the program has helped significantly reduce crime and...

Is Honduras Losing the Fight Against Aerial Drug Trafficking?

Honduras authorities recently seized five airplanes thought to have been used to transport drugs through a remote region of the country where dozens of clandestine...

Medellín, Colombia’s Comuna 13 Sees Resurgence of Violence

Nightly clashes between criminal gangs and a questionable police operation have engulfed one of Colombia’s most famous neighborhoods, with residents fearing a...

More Cocaine Leaving Ecuador Shows Flaws in Anti-Drug Strategies

The growing role of Guayaquil, Ecuador as a hub for international cocaine trafficking reflects the changing dynamics of the Colombia-Ecuador drug trade, and shows...

Barrio Azteca Leader’s Arrest Casts Doubt on Trump Border Rhetoric

The recent arrest of a top Barrio Azteca leader in Mexico offers additional insight into the criminal and drug trafficking dynamics along the US-Mexico border at a...

3 Big Questions About Mexico Security Policy Under AMLO

Voters in Mexico elected a new president who has promised to clean up a graft-ridden government and move the country away from a deeply entrenched militarized...

Could Nicaragua ‘Parapolice’ Groups Turn Criminal?

Armed "parapolice" groups have played a central role in the violent repression of opposition protesters in Nicaragua over the past several weeks, but it remains to...

5 Organized Crime Challenges for Colombia President-Elect Duque

The election of conservative Iván Duque as Colombia's next president has raised questions on how the country will tackle some of the many challenges it faces...

Mexico Elections: Candidates’ Security Proposals Lack Long-Term Focus

Mexico’s next president will have the opportunity to revamp the country's security policy framework. But just weeks before the election, the leading candidates...
Colombia presidential candidates 2018

How Will Colombia’s Next President Fight Organized Crime?

Colombia’s presidential election, scheduled for May 27, comes at a critical time in the country’s history. The peace process with the FARC is...

Uruguay Faces Rising Public Pressure to Militarize Fight Against Crime

Authorities in Uruguay are facing mounting public pressure to pursue hardline security strategies to combat a perceived rise in gang-related violence, but caving to...