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Soldados hondureños llevan a las urnas los insumos para las próximas elecciones

Winner of Honduras’ Election Will Likely Be ‘Iron Fist’ Security

Honduras’ controversial election remains in limbo, but the results not so much. As is evident across the region in recent years, tightly contested...
La caída en los homicidios ha sido influenciada por varios factores

Weekly InSight: Why Homicides Are Down in Honduras

In our November 16 Facebook Live session, InSight Crime co-director Steven Dudley sat down with senior investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos to discuss why Honduras'...
Reforming Honduras' National Police has helped reduce homicides

7 Keys to Understanding Honduras’ Declining Homicide Rate

Due to a combination of factors, Honduras is on track to close out 2017 with a significantly lower homicide rate than has been observed in previous years....
Is the US Kingpin Act a useful tool to combat organized crime?

US Congressional Hearing Renews Debate on Efficacy of ‘Kingpin List’

A recent US congressional hearing on the effectiveness of financially sanctioning criminal organizations illustrated some of the flaws in the practice and also...
The civilian justice system has a 3.2 percent success rate against soldiers

Mexico Reforms Failing to Prevent Rights Abuses by Military: Report

A new report reiterates that, despite reforms, Mexico is failing to adequately investigate and prosecute soldiers accused of committing abuses, a reminder of the...
UPP officers in a Rio favela

Citizens Lack Trust in Rio Military Police but See Few Alternatives

Brazil's justice minister caused a stir this week when he accused Rio de Janeiro's military police of maintaining ties to organized crime, and recent polls show...
New study asks why drug cartels went to war in Mexico

Study Sheds New Light on Roots of Mexico Cartel Wars

A new study from two leading researchers ties Mexico's current security crisis to the unforeseen consequences of the nation's democratic opening....
More than 450 private security agencies in El Salvador are operating illegally

El Salvador Struggles to Enforce Regulations on Private Security Firms

Police in El Salvador say that a legal technicality is preventing them from holding private security agencies accountable for offenses they commit, highlighting the...
Brazil is in a state of "national emergency" due to rising insecurity

Brazil Lacks Coherent Plan to Deal With ‘National Emergency’ of Insecurity

Brazil's president has described a deepening, nationwide crisis of insecurity as a "national emergency." But contrary to official rhetoric, the government does not...
In Nariño, honest work is at a premium

New Plan for Tumaco, Colombia Is Just Old Plan Repackaged

Surrounded by several of his ministers, Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos announced October 21 that "9,000 police and military" would fight against drug...
Homeless residents of Bogotá's "Bronx" neighborhood following a vast security operation

Who Are the Real Targets of Bogotá’s Crackdown on Crime?

It was just before rush hour on August 23 when the Bogotá district police and SWAT squad came for the gangs of the Cartuchito, an area with a potent illicit drug...
A security officer wears a skull mask during an OLP operation

Report Unmasks ‘State Terror’ of Venezuela Security Forces

A new investigation provides damning evidence of abuses and criminality associated with a controversial security initiative in Venezuela, adding to mounting...