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La Unión Tepito Inner Workings Revealed in Mexico City Raid

A recent raid against the La Unión Tepito gang in Mexico City may not have a lasting impact on the group's activities but has shown how deep its links to police...

Culiacán Shambles Exposes Lack of Any Security Plan for Mexico

Amid a wave of national and international criticism for his handling of the Culiacán meltdown last week, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador faces the...

Increase in Violence Leads to More Forced Displacements in Colombia

A recent report has shown the scale to which forced displacements due to violence are increasing in Colombia, primarily affecting vulnerable groups like...
Presidential candidates in Argentina debate their proposals ahead of elections on October 27

Opposing Views on Security Battle it Out for Argentina’s Presidency

With Argentina set to vote for its next president on October 27, the ongoing campaign has given hints of how the candidates would tackle the country’s evolving...

What Explains Brazil’s Homicide Decline?

Brazil is the world's murder capital. No other country even comes close. That is why it was big news when the country's Minister...

Mexico Media Coverage of Cartel Violence Leads to More Violence: Report

A new report tackling public displays of brutality by Mexico's criminal groups has found that media coverage of these acts has actually encouraged more violence....

Why Are Political Candidates Being Assassinated in Colombia?

The murder of seven candidates in Colombia’s upcoming municipal election in just one month, the highest rate since 2015, has raised new questions about the...

Is Sonora the Swansong for Mexico’s Local Police Forces?

Police in Mexico's northern state of Sonora are resigning as many of their colleagues are violently killed but the government is plugging the gap with its new...

Irapuato, Symbol of Rising Violence in Mexico’s Mid-Sized Cities

Notwithstanding the bloodshed in perennial hotspots like Tijuana and Acapulco, the surge of violence in oft-overlooked mid-sized towns such as Irapuato has played...

Top 3 Security Challenges Awaiting Guatemala’s President-Elect

Alejandro Giammattei, a 63-year-old doctor linked to Guatemala’s right-wing elite, became the country’s president almost by surprise. After starting low in the...

Chinese Mafia Moving Beyond Extorting Argentina’s Supermarkets

A series of attacks and threats against Argentine merchants by Chinese criminal organizations in Buenos Aires reveal a possible expansion of the mafia’s criminal...

Nicaragua Latest Central American Country to Deny Paramilitary Abuse

Nicaragua’s military chief has denied the presence of paramilitary groups in the embattled country, becoming the latest Central American country to do so despite...