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Weapons seized as part of Cali's disarmament program

Are Innovative Security Strategies Behind Drop in Cali Homicides?

Authorities in Cali, Colombia have attributed a decrease in homicides to a combination of citizen security measures and increased presence of security forces,...
Members of the Rastrojos captured in northern Colombia

Rastrojos Arrests in Colombia Show Group Still Active

Authorities in Colombia have captured 46 members of a Rastrojos cell and a top leader, indicating that in spite of the blows to the organization in recent years,...

New Guerrilla-Paramilitary Fighting Displaces Thousands in Colombia

Fighting between guerrillas and narco-paramilitaries has displaced thousands in west Colombia, with heavy combat that may carry echoes of politically motivated...
President Santos and J.J. Rendon

Colombia President’s Strategist Resigns Amid Drug Money Allegations

Weeks before Colombia's presidential elections, the current president's political strategist has resigned on accusations he received $12 million from the country's...
Urabeños cocaine seized in Buenaventura port

The Evolution of the Urabeños

Uraba, which means "promised land" in the indigenous tongue, was the cradle of the paramilitaries, and remains the country's principal BACRIM stronghold. This is...
Security forces in Buenaventura: Photo James Bargent

Valle del Cauca: A War too Far for the Urabeños?

The department of Valle del Cauca has become Colombia's bloodiest drug war battleground as the country's most powerful criminal organization, the Urabeños, push to...
The bodies of the men killed in Tachira

Massacre Highlights Colombia BACRIM Cross-Border Operations

The massacre of five men from Colombia just across the border in Venezuela's Tachira state has drawn attention to the cross-border operations of criminal groups the...
Buenaventura's slums are warzones

War for Cocaine Corridors Consumes Colombia’s Busiest Port

Residents of Buenaventura have become prisoners of war in the battle for Colombia's primary cocaine port. They are confined within invisible borders, silenced by...
Cali is Colombia's murder capital

Armed Groups Make Valle del Cauca Colombia’s Violence Capital

Colombia's ombudsman's office has warned how guerrilla militias and narco-paramilitary groups have made the department of Valle del Cauca and its capital Cali the...
Alleged Rastrojos hitman Juan Alejandro Roldan

Colombia Hitman Arrested in Spain Was ‘Rastrojos Europe Link’

A hitman from Colombia arrested in Spain for a double homicide in Holland allegedly acted as a link between the Rastrojos and European criminal groups, in a further...
A criminal pact could soon see violence drop in Cali

Cali Criminal Pact Could Spark New Era for Crime in Colombia

Former sworn enemies from criminal clans based in Colombia's violence capital, Cali, have brokered an alliance from prison, according to security forces, which if...
Mafia violence has made Cali Colombia's most violent city

Old Generation Narcos Fuel Colombia’s New Mafia Wars

Violence in Colombia's Pacific region is being driven not only by new generation BACRIM groups but also by drug traffickers from the long gone Cali Cartel, say...